Religious Fundamentalisms: Christianity, Judaism, Islam ... Fundamentalisms: Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism ... Fundamentalism and Women in World Religions ... Quiz 3: Judaism

Download Religious Fundamentalisms: Christianity, Judaism, Islam ...  Fundamentalisms: Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism ... Fundamentalism and Women in World Religions ... Quiz 3: Judaism

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  • Religious Fundamentalisms: Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism

    Syllabus for Religious Studies Course Bjrn Krondorfer, Professor of Religious Studies


    The course Religious Fundamentalisms aims at understanding and

    comparing fundamentalist movements in Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. We will

    examine the term "fundamentalism" as it has evolved from describing an American

    Protestant form of religiosity to signifying a global phenomenon spanning different religions

    and cultures. What is fundamentalism? How do religious fundamentalist describe

    themselves, how are they described by others? What are the grievances, ambitions and

    goals of fundamentalists? Can we differentiate between fundamentalist piety and religious

    extremism? In what ways have fundamentalist movements begun to intersect with ethnic,

    national and political identities? Do fundamentalists of different religious backgrounds share

    common world views? How do fundamentalists see humans interacting with divine

    commandments? What are the roles of men and women? Do fundamentalist principles

    legitimate new forms of religious violence?

    Required Reading Richard Antoun, Understanding Fundamentalism: Christian, Islamic and Jewish Movements (2


    Martin Marty, Scott Appleby, Fundamentalisms and the State (Fundamentalism Project, vol 3)

    Youssef Choueiri, Islamic Fundamentalism: The Story of Islamist Movements (3rd


    Mark Juergensmeyer, Terror in the Mind of God: The Global Rise of Religious Violence

    Arvind Sharma, Fundamentalism and Women in World Religions



    1/17 Introduction; R: Definition; Intro to Fundamentalism Project (FP vol. 1)

    What is Fundamentalism? Definitions, Features, Boundaries

    1/19 What is Fundamentalism?

    R: Introduction, in: G. Almond, S. Appleby, E. Sivan, Strong Religion: The

    Rise of Fundamentalisms around the World;

    R: Antoun, Preface and ch. 1, 1-20; ch 2

    1/24 Scripturalism, Traditioning, Purity, Totalism, Selective Modernization

    R: Antoun, chs 3, 4, 5 and 6

    Christian Fundamentalism

    1/26 American Roots: Revivalist, Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians

    R: Carpenter, Intro, ch. 1

  • 1/31 Millenialism and Dispensationalism

    R: Carpenter, Appendix; Marsden: handout (dispensationalism);

    R: Ammerman, North American Protestant Fundamentalism, (FP, vol. 1)

    2/2 American Fundamentalism

    R: Garvey, Fundamentalism and American Law (FP, vol. 3

    R: ibid. Intro: Fundamentalism and Politics (FP vol. 3)

    Video: Power & Glory: Fighting Back

    2/7 Science and Fundamentalism

    R: handouts

    2/9 Women and Fundamentalism

    R: Faye Ginsburg, Saving Americas Souls: (FP vol. 3)

    2/14 Poster Presentations: Christian Fundamentalist Movements

    Problematizing our Project: Juergensmeyer, Antifundamentalism (FP vol. 5)

    Fundamentalist Movements in Islam

    2/16 Fundamentals of Islam

    R: Choueiri, Intro and ch 1 Quiz 1: General & Christianity

    2/21 Revivalism and Reformism

    R: Choueiri, chs 2-4

    2/23 Radicalism

    R: Abul Mawdudi (Process of Islamic Revolution)

    R: Sayyid Qutb, Milestones

    2/28 Radicalism

    R: Choueiri chs 5 and 6

    3/1 Video: Power & the Glory: Remaking the World

    R: Choueiri chs 7 and 8

    3/6 Women and Islam (Group Work)

    R: Jameelah (Islamic Movement and Islamic Culture in Theory and Practice)

    R: Fatima Mernissi & Meshal (in Sharma & Young, ch 6)

    R: Saba Mahmoud

    3/8 Poster Presentations: Islamic Revivalist Movements

    Quiz 2: Islam


    Jewish Fundamentalist Movements

    3/20 What is Jewish Fundamentalism?

    R: Landau, Into + chs 1, 2, 4, 6

    3/22 Orthodox, Hasidic, Haredi

    R: Landau, 18, 20, 21, 28, 32

    3/27 ADVISING

  • 3/29 (Anti-) Zionism and Fundamentalism

    R: Ehud Sprinzak, Three Models of Religious Violence (FP vol. 3)

    Video: Power & the Glory: This is our Land

    4/3 Jewish Feminists and Fundamentalist

    R: Fishman (in Sharma & Young, ch 4) Poster Presentations: Jewish Fundamentalism

    Hindu Nationalism and Fundamentalism

    4/5 The Rise of Hindu Religious Nationalism

    R: Daniel Gold, Organized Hinduism (FP vol. 1, pp. 531-555, 559-583)

    Quiz 3: Judaism

    4/10 Hindutva and Politics (Group Work)

    R: Frykenberg, Hindu Fundamentalism & Structural Stability of India (FP

    vol. 3)

    4/12 Hindutva and Women

    R: Hellman (in Sharma & Young, ch 1)

    R: John Hawley, Hinduism: Sati and its Defenders

    Fundamentalism and Violence

    4/17 Poster Presentations: Hindutva

    Soldiers for Christ, Zion Betrayed, Islams Duty

    R: Juergensmeyer, chs. 2, 3, 4

    4/19 The Logic of Religious Violence I

    R: Juergensmeyer, chs. 7 Quiz 4: Hinduism

    4/24 The Logic of Religious Violence II

    R: Juergensmeyer, chs. 8-11

    4/26 Comparative Fundamentalisms: What have we learned?

    5/4 Final Meeting: Wednesday, 2-4:15


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