releasing and monetizing apps on google play & other app stores

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This presentation talks about how to go about releasing apps on the Google Play and other app stores. Also various ways in which developers can monetize.


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2. Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.2Two keys payments and distribution Myth Google Play is the only Android store Why and why not to use Google Play Distribution alternates Payment alternates How China does it Big 3. Two keys- Payment and DistributionPayments 1. Ease- user flow 2. Accessibility- credit card, mobile3Distribution 1. Discovery 2. Cost per install 3. Territory 4. Myth- Google Play is the only app storeGlobal downloadsChina downloads 10%30%70%4Google Play Other stores90%Google Play Other stores 5. Why and why not to use Google Play Why? Why not? Largest Android store Gives 60-70% downloads5 Discovery problem No payment alternate 6. Distribution alternates6 7. Other Android stores7 8. Other app stores8 9. Why use alternates? Innovative promotions Easy to differentiate curation Localized flavors to app store China Payment alternatives- mobile wallets 9 10. Payment alternativesCARRIERS10BILLING AGGREGATORS 11. How China does it bigDownloadsPayments10%90%11Google Play Other storesCarrier Billing Ali Pay18% 7% 75%Ads 12. Go! Release your ideas into the market Ambrish Bajaj +91 9910877799 | skype: a_bajaj12