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<ol><li> 1. September 2013 Volume 5, Issue 9 N E W S L E T T E R More concentrated than gels. More intensive results... Use Clayton Shagals powerful concentrates all over the face or specific areas! COLLAGEN EXTRACT Collagen is a major structural protein in the skin with the purpose of supporting other skin structures similar to the way in which steel rods reinforce concrete blocks. It provides the skin with resilience and sustainability. Because collagen makes up more than 70% of the skin (with 90% of it located in the dermis), it is responsible for the overall health, plumpness, and smoothness of the skin. In short, collagen is the key to youthful skin! Concentrated extracts by Clayton Shagal are 4x the strength of gels. Collagen Extract is an excellent choice for reducing skin recovery time from both ablative and non-ablative treatments. ELASTIN EXTRACT Elastin is a principle protein composed of elastic fibers within the tendons and ligaments of the skin. It greatly influences the skins firmness and elasticity. Elastin Extract dramatically improves skin tone and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Its an ideal booster to immediately accentuate skin tightness and firmness for all over the face. HYPROCEL EXTRACT Made from a blend of cytokines for skin cell regeneration, ceramides for attracting moisture, and hyaluronic acid for holding in moisture. Hyprocel Extract is a smart choice for those seeking to regenerate the skins radiance and enhance skin hydration for premature aging, dehydrated, or damaged skin. Rejuvenate the Skin 4x Faster! Skin Care Tips... Eye Contour Care for Dark Circles Use Hyprocel Extract for eye contours daily and Cucumber &amp; Avocado Mask once a week for a refreshing eye treatment. "I can accept failur! Everyone fails at some"ing. But, I can't accept not trying.." - Michael Jordan, Basketball Legend Inspirational Corner... CLAYTON SHAGAL Pure Extracts Find us on Facebook </li><li> 2. September 2013 Volume 5, Issue 9 Page 2 In the next issue Boost Your Treatment Results... Featured Products of the Month... September ~ October Promotion COLLAGEN and HYPROCEL MAKES SKIN SILK SMOOTH COLLAGEN, ELASTIN, and/or HYPROCEL EVENS SKIN TONE COLLAGEN, ELASTIN, and/or HYPROCEL MINIMIZES DARK CIRCLES COLLAGEN and HYPROCEL FILLS IN FINE LINES COLLAGEN, ELASTIN, and/or HYPROCEL DIMINISHES CROWS FEET Collagen Extract ...4x maximum hydration Elastin Extract ...4x ultimate rmness Hyprocel Extract ...4x intense stimulation BEFOREAFTER (Simulated Imagery, individual results may vary) </li></ol>