reimagining venture capital in india

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Post on 25-Jun-2015


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Karthik Reddy of Blume Ventures, a micro-VC fund based in Mumbai, talks about how VC business across the world is undergoing a massive change.


  • 1. True of business models too?

2. VC = Superhero-Concierge 3. 4. The New Age of Venture Capital 5. Startup Founder NewVC avatar Both Jack of All Trades .Hustlers, Hackers, Hipsters .of a good kind 6. Finding / Funding small is key, funding large is the commodity 7. Entrepreneur = customer, Fund investor not equal to customer Venture capitalist = entrepreneur, not fund manager New Equations 8. Network effects are the winners, not cheque sizes 9. Capital = Fuel Pipe Design Teamwork Speed Managing Risk 10. 11. Building a new culture around Entrepreneurship Its not just Business, its personal! VC not just about returning Capital; also about impact! and about Problem Solving!