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<ul><li><p>REHAU SOLUTIONS FOR ANAEROBIC DIGESTION PLANTSRENEWABLE AND SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PRODUCTION</p><p> Building Solutions</p><p>Automotive</p><p>Industry</p></li><li><p>REHAU SOLUTIONS FOR ANAEROBIC DIGESTION PLANTSINTRODUCTION</p><p>Anaerobic Digestion (AD), also known as biogas, is the process of converting organic matter into methane, which then can be used for electricity and heat generation. It is becoming increasingly popular in the UK due to the large potential of carbon savings for both heat and power.</p><p>A typical farm based AD plant would comprise of the following steps:</p><p>1 - Animal waste is collected and transferred into a large digester</p><p>2 - The digester is heated to around 40-50C to speed up production of methane by methanogenic bacteria</p><p>3 - The methane is collected from the tank using a gas hood and is piped into a CHP unit (combined heat and power plant)</p><p>4 - The CHP unit produces electricity from the methane which is either sold back onto the grid or used on-site</p><p>5 - Excess heat from electricity production is fed fi rstly back into the digester</p><p>6 - The rest of the surplas heat can then be used for district heating scheme</p><p>7 - The remaining organic matter (digestate) can afterwards be used as a nutrient rich fertiliser</p><p>In theory, anything organic can be feed into a digester but the most common feedstocks are animal manure, food waste, unused crops / grass or abattoir waste. </p></li><li><p>REHAU SOLUTIONS FOR ANAEROBIC DIGESTION PLANTSDISTRICT HEATING</p><p>District heating (DH) is the process of centrally producing heat and distributing the heat via a heat network for space heating and hot water requirements. In some Scandinavian countries, over 50% of their heat is distributed via district heating schemes.</p><p>The benefi ts of district heating are increased dramatically by using a combined heat &amp; power plant (CHP), which produces not only heat, but also electricity (see graphic above). CHP plants can be powered by fossil fuels but are increasingly being with biomass or anaerobic digestion projects.</p><p>Advantages of a DH scheme with on-site CHP plant:</p><p>- Signifi cantly improve energy effi ciency, leading to high carbon savings</p><p>- Maximises benefi ts of renewable energy sources such as biogas</p><p>- Reduce maintenance costs by having one central plant</p><p>- CHP provides cost savings of between 15-40% compared to traditional heat only methods</p><p>RAUTHERMEX T-Shroud</p><p>Large coils of RAUTHERMEX</p><p>The combination of cogeneration (CHP) and district heating is regarded by many experts as one of most effi cent methods of carbon reductions</p></li><li><p>REHAU SOLUTIONS FOR ANAEROBIC DIGESTION PLANTSRAUBIO DIGESTER HEATING</p><p>The RAUBIO digester heating system off ers a one material solution, for the pipe and pipe fi xing elements. </p><p>The RAUBIO cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xa) pipe was developed for the demanding environment within a digester and off ers the following advan-tages:</p><p>- Fast and simple installation</p><p>- No microbiological corrosion</p><p>- High acid &amp; temperature durability</p><p>- No connections in digester necessary</p><p>- No clogging due to smooth pipe outer surface</p><p>- Simple corrosion-free attachment</p><p>The RAUBIO range includes all the fi xing elements and accessories needed (such as tools and grout) to attach the RAUBIO pipes to the digester wall. The multi seal fl ange (pictured) allows air- and water-tight pipe connections through the digester wall and stainless steel manifolds are available to connect all the RAUBIO pipes externally.</p><p>REHAU have calculation software to help size up the amount of pipe runs needed for each specifi c project. Please contact your local REHAU sales offi ce for further information.</p><p>RAUBIO fi x</p><p>RAUBIO Sealing Flange</p></li><li><p>REHAU SOLUTIONS FOR ANAEROBIC DIGESTION PLANTSRAUBIO GAS CONDENSATION COLLECTION CHAMBER</p><p>REHAUs new gas condensation collection chamber off ers a solution to collect biogas condensate that combines easy site handling and reliable construction. The solution was specifi -cally designed for the demanding requirements of an anaerobic digestion plant. The chamber off ers maximum safety, a 100 year lifespan and is fully leak-proof. </p><p>Advantages at a glance:</p><p> Integrated condensate separation with optional cut-off function for pressure testing</p><p> Corrosion and chemical resistance due to polypropylene (PP) material</p><p> No leaks thanks to the safety sealing system with load decoupled seals</p><p> Simple connection using electrofusion couplers</p><p> Easy construction site handling with no lifting gear thanks to modular system</p><p> Simply to inspect with GRP corrosion resistant steps and the light colour</p><p> Can take loads up to SLW 60 (10 ton wheel load)</p><p>Internal view of chamber</p><p>External view of chamber</p></li><li><p>REHAU SOLUTIONS FOR ANAEROBIC DIGESTION PLANTSRAUTHERMEX PRE-INSULATED PIPE</p><p>RAUTHERMEX pipe systems make a signifi cant contribution to the economy of district heating systems, because they are easy to install, safe to use and require low maintenance. </p><p>The UNO and DUO variants feature single or twin carrier pipes, respectively, made of cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xa) with an oxygen-barrier layer. The pipe sizes range from 25mm up to 160mm for UNO pipes and from 25mm up to 63mm for DUO pipes. </p><p>RAUTHERMEX provides the following advantages:</p><p>- Optimum heat insulation, remaining water-tight even if the LDPE outer jacket is damaged</p><p>- Suitable for temperatures up to 95oC and pressure up to 6 bar, therefore ideal for modern, low-temperature systems</p><p>- Longitudinally stable pipe when laid under ground the pipe does not expand along its length, unlike open cell insulated pipes</p><p>- Lengths up to 560m possible, allowing for simplifi ed design and installation</p><p>- Uses REHAU EVERLOC compression sleeve technology to provide leakproof joints with minimal bore reduction</p><p>- High thermal insulation from universal shroud system, no hot works required</p><p>Bending radius of RAUTHERMEX</p><p>RAUTHERMEX shroud options</p></li><li><p>REHAU SOLUTIONS FOR ANAEROBIC DIGESTION PLANTSRAUVITHERM PRE-INSULATED PIPE</p><p>RAUVITHERM combines the key advantages of high fl exibility with high thermal insulating properties. </p><p>RAUVITHERM is a pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe with open cell cross-linked PE insulation and a robust HDPE outer jacket. The outer layer of insulation is bonded to the HDPE outer jacket to prevent water ingress which would otherwise aff ect the thermal properties of the pipe. </p><p>RAUVITHERM is available in single pipe (UNO) 25mm to 125mm and twin pipe (DUO) 25mm to 63mm, with a comprehensive range of fi ttings and accessories. </p><p>Benefi ts at a glance:</p><p>- Greater fl exibility due to corrugated outer sleeve and open cell insulation, allowing a tight bending radius</p><p>- Robust HDPE outer sleeve to cope with tough on-site conditions</p><p>- Long lengths up to 350m possible, reducing number of joints needed for long pipe runs</p><p>- High insulation performance from several layers of insulation and the low thermal conductivity of the insulation</p><p>- Bonded outer layer of the insulation prevents water ingress even if the outer jacket is punctured. This ensures high insulation performance</p><p>- Uses renowned EVERLOC leak-proof fi ttings and tools RAUVITHERM connection in trench</p><p>RAUVITHERM shroud options</p></li><li><p> 12.2010/JP</p><p>RAUGEO PE-Xa Probes RAUGEO PE-RC &amp; PE 100 Probes AWADUKT Thermo ground-air heat exchanger</p><p>REHAU Underfl oor Heating &amp; Cooling REHAU Underfl oor Heating Controls AWADUKT PP SN10 sewer pipe</p><p>REHAU PRODUCT RANGEOTHER SYSTEMS AND ACCESSORIES</p><p> UK &amp; IRELAND SALES OFFICES</p><p>London, REHAU Ltd, The Building Centre, 25 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT Slough, Units 5 J &amp; K, Langley Business Centre, Station Road, Langley, Slough SL3 8DS Phone: 01753 588500 Fax: 01753 588501 Manchester, Brinell Drive, Irlam, Manchester M44 5BL Phone: 0161 777 7400 Fax: 0161 777 7401 Glasgow, Phoenix House, Phoenix Crescent, Strathclyde Business Park, Bellshill, North Lanarkshire ML4 3NJ Phone: 01698 503700 Fax: 01698 503701 Dublin, 9 St. Johns Court, Business Park, Swords Road, Santry, Dublin 9 Phone: 00353 (0)1 8165020 Fax: 00353 (0)1 8165021</p></li></ul>


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