Regolith - A Man on the Moon

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  • Regolith a man on the Moon

    Alex Coman

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  • Regolith a man on the Moon

    Alex Coman

  • My son once, asked me to give him a photo.

    He dont say goodbye before I left, but only begged me to bring him a photo and

    when, at the time, I landed finishing the mission, I took out one photo from my

    suit. He doesnt remember even having expressed this desire seemed just happy

    to see his dad just returned from the Moon- But when he saw him , widened even

    more that toothless smile. His eyes shone with an excitement that just a child

    knows to feel and share with his father.

    He was pleased to observe for the first time that piece of the Earths natural

    satellite, printed on a smooth sheet and often, believing to have ahead his real

    color. Now William is a big boy not a big person, not a teenager, but a big boy

    and knows that the color of the Moon is almost a mystery. I mean his real color.

    The surface of our satellite has been observed only through the digital tools, huge

    telescopes, the ozone layer or, in the case of men like me, through the window of

    the spacecraft or the visor of the my pressure helmet. No one has ever seen the

    Moon with the naked eye. No one. So, who can say which is her real color? Now,

    while the oxygen is going to end, lying on a flank, I travel through my eyes of the

    surrounding area, to reconcile and sort the ideas, to make me slowly realize what

    just happened, to understand. Some remains of the spacecraft are lying around

    me, immobilizes and useless, and in my mind starts to scroll memories of an

    explosion almost silent, mute, silent for the lack of atmosphere, which makes the

    episode even more tragic: It seemed that the entire cosmos stopped talking, while

    the spacecraft had gone into a thousand pieces over my head.

    William would have like to assist to this kind of phenomenon An silent


    After the flow past images of a few seconds ago, Im able to make a bit of clarity

    In my thoughts: I try the radio of my spacesuit, calling first the command no

    answer after I calling the travel mates no answer and finally I calling that

    traitor who started this tragedy. No answer. Neither from the radio, neither to all

    the questions who comes:

  • Why? What is the real objective of this mission, almost failed? Someone wanted

    to take all the credits for the new discovery that we made in the recent weeks,

    killing all of us? And specially, who else is still alive beyond me, here on the Moon?

    I know I was thrown out from the spacecraft for a shot of the traitor just I was

    leaving it for hopping on the lunar surface. Luckily I had already finished the whole

    process of preparation and activated the pressure suit, thanks to which I was out

    of danger. Then I heard a noise thanks to the radio, talks in the spacecraft, orders,

    fury screams, screams of terror, scream challenge Sounds of battle, of fight, of

    despair, tools and objects thrown against other objects Then the spacecraft is

    raised and the noises continued to invade my helmet, making me confused and

    repeat an only a single and trivial phrase. A question: What happens? What

    happening? What the hell happens there?

    Then a gunshot.

    I hear inside my visor as if the sound would hit me in the face. Another gunshot.

    Then the radio sent me something undefined and the signal is interrupted all at

    once silence the explosion only visible, above and next to me.

    And now Im here, on the regolith.

    William would have like The Regolith.

    I try to reflect. I give up soon, given the evidences. I cant know what conspiracy

    was about to be realized or what happened in the spacecraft, but, seeing the

    ruins, I resign myself to the death of the traitor and the whole equipage. No one

    could have survived and I realize that without the spacecraft, without even a form

    of rescue, I dont have much hope in fact, practically any hope to put my foots

    on the Earth, maybe even just for feel my real weight, feel my planet who keep me

    to itself.

    Instead, Im a sixth more slight. That is how I will die, slight, and there is no one

    who can stop it. No living soul, human or animal.

    Maybe these are the moments you hope strongly in the existence of live on other

    planets, perhaps here on this boulder full of craters that goes around the Earth.

    However, no alien, would materialize in front of me, to help me.

    Im alone, on the Moon.

  • William would have like The Moon.

    My thoughts begins a travel over three hundred thousand kilometers back home,

    distance which is accomplished in less of a fraction of a second, bringing me on the

    couch in front of the television, while me and William watch a movie together.

    They bring me to the football matches of my son sweaty but happy on that playing

    field. To the few homework we did together. At his room full of planets hanging

    from the ceiling painted with stars and nebulae. To the posters on the walls to

    the photos.

    An alarm sound interrupts my film: the oxygen is completely finished.

    But I continue with the fantasy: the photos on the walls I smile at this memory.

    The breathing suddenly becomes more difficult.

    I know that the photos of the lunar surface that I gave him is hanging somewhere

    in his room.

    I hold my breath, although there is nothing left to breathe.

    Another big mystery in my work is the effect of exposure of the body to space.

    There wasnt yet any experiment, no one knows exactly what happens if an

    astronaut takes off his pressure suit. There are many theories, such as suffocation

    from lack of oxygen, loss of consciousness, slow or immediate freezing and, that

    one thats more effective and also more popular, the explosion of the body for the

    lack of the pressure, because the pressure of the Moon is almost equal to nothing.

    Well, I guess hes going to find out too.

    With my last strength I take off my pressure helmet, regardless of the possible

    risks. I keep my eyes wide open and still with a smile on the lips, carefully observe

    the lunar surface.

    Here you go the color of the Moon, William.


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  • Alex Coman:

    I was born March 13, 1988 in Campina, Romania, where I spent my first thirteen

    years. I then moved to Italy, following my parents. Here I continued my education,

    ending the high school. Currently I live and work in Terni, where I created a new

    family, becoming father. Although I wrote the first poem at the age of nine / ten

    years, I am passionate about really writing here in Italy, starting with short stories

    and poems. I love animals and I am fascinated (only fascinated) to science in general,

    especially when trying to explain the mysteries of the universe.

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