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Sunnyvale High SchoolRegistration 2013-141General High School InformationAfter the ninth grade, students are classified according to the number of credits earned toward graduationClassificationCredits EarnedFreshman (9th) --Sophomore (10th) 7Junior (11th)14Senior (12th)21


Grade Classification

1) No longer pass from grade to grade 2) Classification determined by # of credits earned34.0 GPA used by colleges - is calculated using semester grades for all courses taken with weights applied

Ranking GPA currently calculated using weighted core courses only, but is under review based upon new endorsement guidelines.

Top Ten SISD ranks only the top 10% of each graduating class.GPA, CLASS RANK, TOP TEN4Regular and Modified courses receive no weight

Honors Courses receive 10 points

Dual Credit courses receive 20 pointsClass Rank CalculationsMiddle school courses that count for high school credit:

Algebra ISpanish IArt IMS Courses for HS CreditIf student took Spanish 1 in 8th grade, recommend to take Spanish 2 as a Freshmannot good idea to skip a year.----- Meeting Notes (2/18/13 17:45) -----mention german and asl6

AAR/Transcript Once sem grade is recorded it never comes off the transcriptthere forever, even if you retake the course. Both grades are on transcript.7Grades need to be consistently good or improved upon during high school. Colleges especially want to see solid scores in academic core courses.Extra-Curricular activities are important because colleges like to see that a student is well-rounded. So become involved in clubs and other school activities.Community Service is another area in which colleges like to see students involved. It demonstrates their desire to be a productive citizen.What Counts in CollegeExtra Curr Bus Prof, FFA, FCA, UIL Competitions8Beginning with next years incoming freshmen, all students will graduate on the Foundation Plan with an Endorsement.

There will also be an opportunity to add a Distinguished Level of Achievement. A student must earn distinguished level of achievement to be eligible for top 10% automatic admission.Graduation PlansSTEMPublicServicesArts &HumanitiesMulti-DisciplinaryBusiness & Industry1 PE2 LOTE5 Electives2 SISD1 Fine Art4 ELA3Math3Sci3SSFoundation PlanEndorsementsSHSGraduation Plan24 credits28 creditsStudents will be given the opportunity in the next week to explore careers and look at the endorsements that pertain to their career interests.

Students will then decide which elective (and alternates) they would like to put in their schedule.

Choice of Endorsements can be changed at the start of registration each year.Career ExperienceREGISTRATIONRecommended Freshman Course SelectionEnglish 1Algebra 1 or Algebra 2BiologyWorld Geography or World HistorySpanish 1 or 2, ASL 1, German 1Fine ArtsPE or AthleticsElectiveAll 9th grade students must take a Fine Arts Class:


Fine ArtsStudents who sign up for athletics MUST participate in one of these athletic events:FootballBasketballVolleyballBaseballSoftballAthletics is a full year course, andstudents are required to participate inoff-season.AthleticsGolfTennisSoccerTrackCross Country

Students will receive PE credit by participating in these after school sports.After School Sports This is another way to earn PE credit without using one of your periods during the day. Can also earn PE credit if taking Band.

16Honors and Dual Credit courses are designed to challenge & motivate students and prepare them for success in college-level coursework taken during high school and college. These courses typically move at a faster pace, are more academically challenging, and require more independent learning and homework than academic courses.

Dual Credit courses are taken during a students junior and senior year.Honors, Dual Credit ClassesHonors Class RequirementsTo proceed from an Honors course to the next Honors course, students must have a final average of 80 at the end of the year, and a teacher recommendation*.To move from a regular Academic course to an Honors course, students must have a final average of 90 at the end of the year, and a teacher recommendation*.

*All honors classes must have a teacher signature on the course selection sheet.

Students will be placed on academic probation if their nine weeks average is below 70 in any Honors course. They will be required to attend mandatory tutorials for that subject area. Students will be removed from the Honors course at the end of the semester if they receive a second nine weeks average below a 70 or fail to attend the mandatory tutorials. Students will begin the school year on probation if they receive a nine week average below 70 during the 4th nine week period in the prior year.Honors Course StandardsSome classes are a full year, which equals one credit.

Some classes are one semester, which equals one-half credit.CreditsCourse #Course Title

1500/1600Health/Professional Communications

1110English I

Semester CoursesExample of listing requests on Course Selection Sheet21There could be schedule conflicts with some classes; therefore, please be sure to select several alternative classes for your electives.

Schedule Conflicts22Selection Sheets are due March 19th with all signatures

Students will turn in selection sheets to Mr. Brooks.Registration

Individual Parent Meetings will take place Wednesday, March 5th (8:30-2:45) and Thursday, March 6th (1:00-7:00).

Sign up for your individual appointment using the following link.

RegistrationAll Course Selection Sheets are due

March 19th(Turn in to Mr. Brooks)Due Date