Registering a Customer for On-Site Payments

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<ol><li> 1. The Complete Payment Processing Solution! </li><li> 2. Step 1Select client list fromyour main home page </li><li> 3. Step 2Click onsite paymentsto get started creatinga customer record </li><li> 4. Step 3Enter a valid 10-digitphone number relatingto the customer.If you would like thecustomer to be able toaccess the account athome, please enter avalid e-mail address sothat we can send outan e-mail to help themset-up their own accessOnce the fields havebeen completed,please select continue </li><li> 5. Step 4Please complete all ofthe requested fieldsrelating to thecustomer.If you entered an e-mailto allow the customeraccess, please makesure that yes isselected. If no e-mailwas entered, this fieldwill not appearPlease select continueonce all fields havebeen completed </li><li> 6. Step 5aOnce you haveselected continue, thecreated customerrecord will bedisplayed. </li><li> 7. Step 5bIf you scroll through thecreated record you willhave the ability tochange a number ofthings.1) Opt the customerout of traditionalmailings2) Set up recurringpayments3) Add the customersaccount numberusing the customerID function. (This isrecommended)4) Deactivatecustomer </li><li> 8. Step 6Once the customerrecord has beencreated and set-up,they will display in yourcustomer list </li></ol>


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