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1. RefWorks Created by Gerald Louw 2. click on RefWorks quick link 3. if the user does not have an account if the user has an account with RefWorks user forgot login information 4. type in the search term retrieve the folder 5. 1. click on new folder 2. name the folder 3. click on create 6. 1. click on create bibliography 2. name of selected folder 7. click on drop down arrow to select referencing style 8. select file type 9. click create bibliography 10. green box will appear, click on the choice of preference 11. click on new reference 12. select the format 13. complete the required fields 14. select a folder select file from computer 15. select a preference 16. delete first select item block if block is not selected this error appears 17. print option 18. remove from folder 19. sort reference 20. view reference 21. Add to My List 22. Click on My list, after Add to My List 23. Item/s Added to My List will appear 24. click on Edit icon 25. Edit the fields 26. file uploaded choose file 27. Delete 28. cite 29. citation viewer will appear 30. View 31. View Full Reference Link to Article 32. Thank You