Refueling and retooling your special events

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<ol><li> 1. Event Rejuvenation: UsingTechnology to Modernize YourEvents for the 21st CenturyLynne M. Wester CASE@donorguru </li><li> 2. Road Map Needs are Changing Budgets are Changing The WOW Factor Technology is Pervasive Whos Watching Whos attending? </li><li> 3. Design an event thatencourages guests to feel thatthey are an essential part of the Universitys grand vision, by balancing the old with thenew, and the intimate with theglobal. </li><li> 4. Too Much Looks Like Everything Else </li><li> 5. Why Not? </li><li> 6. TAKE A RISK </li><li> 7. Repurpose Tchotchkes and other evils Florals Students </li><li> 8. Eliminate Print </li><li> 9. Change the Way you Invite </li><li> 10. What if? </li><li> 11. Do This: </li><li> 12. Not That: </li><li> 13. That extra something </li><li> 14. The Attendee Experience </li><li> 15. Follow Up </li><li> 16. Questions?? Comments?? THANK YOU! Lynne M. Wester Twitter- @donorguru</li></ol>