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    Jenna Suffern Samantha Wagstaff Talia De Marco


    Provides customers with natural, Australian made, affordable water, which is achieved through our brand name, logo and targeted market audience

    Our water is invigorating, rejuvenating and gives you a sense of freshness

    Target audience is people with lower incomes


    Young man wanting to purchase a bottle of water and it faced with various options

    Notices Refresh water affordable price 99c

    Aim of storyboard was to provide consumers with a light, entertaining and humorous advertisement, which they can relate to


    Media messages are texts: which can be defined as anything that can create meaning

    Labeling is often used to communicate a brands philosophy and understand their product concept

    Our brand label Refresh uses signs to indicate to the consumers that it is indeed a water bottle

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Two recycling symbols are examples of index signs

    Promises a 10c donation to Landcare Australia - an environmentally conscious organization consumers will feel a sense of accomplishment for contributing to the community

    Uses Australian natural spring water which together with thecolourblue and the symbol of the rain drop which reinforces to the consumers the sense of freshness and natural resources.


    Communicates to its consumers that it is an Australian made product through the use of the Australian made symbol

    Supporting the Australian economy and ultimately contributing to the community. This appeals to the consumers as they feel as sense of achievement in supporting Australian jobs and therefore individuals


    Our text fulfilled it functions as an advertisement and a label through successfully using signs and symbols to generate meaning

    Through portraying our brands concept and identifying the brands name, logo and target market we were able to successfully generate an advertisement for the Refresh bottled water product


  • $4.50$5.00




    Film: A young uni student is looking in the supermarket to buy a bottle of water, he is presented with lots of options but realizes they are all really expensive.

    Voiceover: I dont want to pay this much just for a

    bottle of water!

  • Film: The uni student searches through his pockets and realizes he does not have enough money to buy any of the available options. He is looking for something more affordable.

    Voiceover:Im just a poor uni student, I dont have enough money. How am I meant to afford


  • Voiceover:Looks like Im going thirsty


    Film: The student is depressed that he can not fulfill his needs for a drink and starts to walk out of the store.

  • Film: On his way of out his store the student spots the refresh water. The water appears to come off the shelf towards him in a heavenly manner. His TA DA moment.


  • Film: Customer is over whelmed by joyed that he could afford a bottle of water and starts to rap jingle I got 99c, so this water has won

    Voiceover: I got 99c,

    so this water has won

  • Film: Branding of the water bottle is shown for the audience to engage and familiarize themselves with the product

    Voiceover:Refresh your

    mind, body and spirit by drinking Refresh water.

    With 10c of your purchase being donated

    to Landcare Australia. So, its not just

    water, its a lifestyle.