refraction power- point power point 10-3

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Refraction Power-Point Power Point 10-3

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Refraction Power- Point Power Point 10-3. Definition. Refraction- the bending of a wave or particle as it passes from different mediums. Application. A fish appears higher than it actually is…. Bending Toward the Normal. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Refraction Power-PointPower Point 10-3

DefinitionRefraction- the bending of a wave or particle as it passes from different mediums

ApplicationA fish appears higher than it actually is

Bending Toward the NormalWhen light goes from a less dense to more dense medium, it is bent toward the normal. This is an example of air going to fiberglass.

Bending Away from the NormalWhen light passes from fiberglass to air, it bends away from the normal.

The index of refraction (n)The speed of a wave is slower in a more optically dense medium.

A relationshipThe relationship between the index of refraction (n) and the speed of the wave can be determined by

Example 1: What is the speed of light in a diamond (n=2.42)?

where c=3 X 10 8 m/s

Snells LawThere is a mathematical relationship between:n= index of refraction for a materialAngle of incidenceAngle of reflection

Example 2: What is the angle of refraction of light going at an angle of 10 o from a diamond (n=2.42) to air (n=1.0)?Total Internal ReflectionOnly occurs when light goes from more dense to less dense. Three cases:(1) Refracts- bends away from normal (o-43o)(2) Critical angle- prism(3) Reflection

Example 3: What is the maximum angle of incidence in a diamond where refraction occurs? (the angle of refraction is 90o or the critical angle)Total Internal Reflection

Applications of RefractionFiber optics, polar bear skin, sparkling of diamonds

LabSemicircular Prisms

Rectangular Prism

Right Triangle Prism

Example 4: Double RefractionA layer of oil (n=1.45) floats on water (n=1.33). A ray of light has an incident angle with the oil of 40o. What is the angle that the ray travels in water?

Equilateral Triangle PrismSince speed of wave is slowing in glass (n=1.52)Red is longest wavelength (700 nm); lowest frequency; bends the least.Violet is the highest wavelength (400 nm); highest frequency; bends the most.

Pink FloydWhich is correct?

Example 5:Angles in Equilateral TriangleIt is observed experimentally that the angle resulting in a prism is 41.5 o in crown glass (n=1.52). Determine the angles in the diagram provided.