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DATE: Tuesday, October 8th, 2013_____


(Observe, identify the problem, examine the context of the problem)

During todays activity with bubble warps, everyone came over to try and pop them, a child name Jordan came over saying I want one. He grabbed one and started to pop it after I have showed him how to pop the bubble wraps. He then started to grab another one but I asked him, is your bubble warp finished? he said yes I checked it and showed him that he can step on them to pop more of it and said since you already have one let us leave some for our friends he lets go on the other ones and says okay


(Choose a guidance strategy from this course that fits with the problem. Clearly state why the chosen strategy is appropriate for this child/situation)

The strategy that could be use would be logical consequence and negotiation. The adult reminds the child/ren of the rule and why the consequence is necessary. (Logical consequence Class notes) The act of solving problems by contributing ideas and options and agreeing on a solution (glossary G-3, Reynolds Class notes)I think that this is an appropriate guidance for the child/situation because when explaining to a child of what can happen if they are not listening they will hopefully learn and start to behave in a nice manner. With negotiation I think that it would be a good strategy because when giving the children options they are more than likely to respond and cooperate with you.


(Clearly discuss your actions, the childs response and the results of the guidance strategy)

My action towards this situation was to show the child that they can also do other things with the bubble wrap instead of using their hands and that he needs to share some with the other kids since he has already gotten one.Child was responsive and interested when I should him that he was also able to stomp on it.


(Specify what went well. Are there some things that you need to change? Why?



One thing that I would change would be to add more bubble wrap.

Dear Supervising Teacher: Please read and review the guidance log. Select the appropriate box below.

This log is accurate based on your observations

This log is somewhat accurate

This log is not accurate. Please explain:_________________________________


Agency Name:___________________________________

Phone Number:___________________________________

ECE Signature:___________________________________Date:______________

Thank you

More of the child opinion

Listen actively to what the child wanted

Ask the child for a reason about their behaviour/action

Showing the child more things to do with it

Asking the child nicely to share with their friends



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