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<ul><li><p>Reduce Sagging Skin Under Your Eyes </p><p>Noticing bags under your eyes can be symptomatic of several different things perhaps </p><p>you were out way too late the night before, or perhaps you indulged in some unhealthy </p><p>habits. Or, for many people, that sagging may just be a sign that you are getting older and </p><p>that your skin isnt as firm and tight as it used to be. Suddenly, how to get rid of wrinkles </p><p>and bags under your eyes is a big concern. </p><p>Even if the latter is true, theres absolutely no reason to just let your skin do whatever it </p><p>wants! You can reduce sagging skin under your eyes with a few quick tricks, as well as </p><p>some longer-term ones if youd like. </p><p>Long-Term </p><p>1) Choose a good eye cream for wrinkles. An eye wrinkle cream can be used under the </p><p>eyes, on crows feet and on eyelids, so you can see how to get rid of wrinkles all </p><p>around your eyes with just one product. An eye wrinkle cream can help firm up skin </p><p>without drying it out, and can make sagging skin appear much tighter. Choose one </p><p>from a reputable, natural skin care line for best results. </p><p>2) Give Botox a try. This is considered a long-term solution, but be aware that Botox </p><p>injections require regular upkeep the effects wear off after three to six months. So </p><p>if you want to maintain the look that you get from utilizing Botox injections, youll </p><p>have to visit your doctor at least two or three times a year for as long as you want to </p><p>keep the results. </p></li><li><p>3) Change your habits. A diet loaded with sodium, caffeine and alcohol can cause your </p><p>facial skin to appear puffy and bloated, which can make you look way older than you </p><p>are. Try to cut back on these items and replace them with water (flavored is fine!) </p><p>and fresh fruits and veggies. These hydrate your body from the inside out, so you </p><p>will glow with health. </p><p>Short-Term </p><p>1) Get a good nights sleep. Staying up all hours of the night makes you feel tired the </p><p>next day, and when your skin isnt able to rest, it makes you look tired no matter </p><p>how many espressos you down before work. Aim to get between seven and eight </p><p>hours minimum per night, and more if youre able. Before you hit the hay, apply any </p><p>anti aging skin care products you like, and gently pat an eye cream for wrinkles into </p><p>the skin around your eyes. </p><p>2) Chill out. To temporarily shrink sagging under-eye skin, you have a few options. The </p><p>first is to place ice packs over your eyes for five to ten minutes, to make them look </p><p>more awake. You could also do the same thing with cold cucumber slices or warm </p><p>(not hot) used teabags, left over the eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. </p><p>Aging gracefully by using wrinkle reducer creams provided by Wrinkless Cream! We have </p><p>large collections of natural &amp; organic skin care products that are very helpful to get rid of </p><p>wrinkles and youll be able to look younger. For More info please visit: </p><p> </p></li></ul>