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<p> 1. I chose to do the Red Sox as my Topic. I am a fan of Red Sox and love to attend games, my roommate and I are going to the game on Friday. I am very excited! 2. No Hitter! My roommate and I attended the No Hitter a few weeks ago and hadthird row seats right behind the betters deck (I took this picture) 3. This season the Red Sox have had an incredible year on offense and strong pitching. 3 rdbaseman Mike Lowell has been the Red Sox MVP so far and Dustin Pedroia will Most likely win Rookie of the Year honors. Pitchers Josh Becket, Diasuke Matsuzaka And Curt Schilling have been shouldering most of the load while Jonathan Papelbon has been having another incredible season.Although the Red Sox have Played well during the regular season, they are going to need to play even better If they want to win there second championship in 4 years. 4. My roommate and I are attending the game on Friday and if we win this game and the Yankees loose we will win the AL east. For the first time in 12 years!</p>