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    Saint Mary Cathedral, Austin, Texas First Sunday of Lent

    MONDAY, MARCH 6 6:00pm... Adult Confirmation, DC Cafeteria 7:00pm... St. Vincent de Paul Society Meeting, School Admin Building 7:00pm... Natural Family Planning, Library

    TUESDAY, MARCH 7 6:00pm... RCIA, DC Cafeteria 6:00pm... Knights of Columbus Meeting, Bishops Hall 7:00pm... Sinners Anonymous, Sheehan 7:00pm... Austin Rosary Crusade, Library

    WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8 Cathedral Office closed from 1:15-3:30pm 8:30am... CSSM Mass , Cathedral 1:30pm... Staff Meeting, Bishops Hall 4:30pm... Schola Rehearsal, Bishops Hall 5:00pm... Cathedral Gala Committee, Library 6:00pm... Finance Council Meeting, Cathedral Office 6:00pm... Schola Rehearsal, Bishops Hall 6:00pm... Altar Servers Rehearsal, Cathedral 6:30pm... Lenten study of St. Francis of Assisi, DC Cafeteria

    THURSDAY, MARCH 9 Parish Directory Photos: 2-9pm, Bishops Hall 7:00pm... Catholic Scripture Study, DC Cafeteria

    FRIDAY, MARCH 10 Parish Directory Photos: 2-9pm, Bishops Hall 11:30am.. Lenten Lunch, Bishops Hall 5:00pm... K of C Fish Fry Dinner, Bishops Hall 6:15pm... Schola Rehearsal, Cathedral 7:00pm... Stations of the Cross, Cathedral

    SATURDAY, MARCH 11 Parish Directory Photos: 10am-5pm, Library 9:00am Baptism Class (Spanish), DC Cafeteria 9:30am Baptisms in English, Cathedral 10:00am St. Vincent de Paul Society Meeting, School Admin Building

    SUNDAY, MARCH 12 SECOND SUNDAY OF LENT Parish Directory Photos: 12 Noon-7pm, Library 8:00am... Breakfast Sponsor, CSSM Fourth Grade 10:45am.. CFF Classes & Open House 11:00am.. Explore the Gospels, Bishops Hall 4:30pm... SJLMS Meeting, Library 5:00pm... St. Augustine Youth Choir Rehearsal, Sheehan & DC Cafeteria 5:00pm... SJLMS First Communion Classes, 2nd Grade Classroom 6:45pm... Together in Gods Love, Bishops Hall

    Weekly Calendar

    Ave Maria Gift Shop Hours of Operation

    Wednesday-Saturday 11am-1pm Sundays 11am-2pm

    A volunteer ministry of Saint Mary Cathedral

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    Rectors Corner

    Interruptions! Developing a docile attitude. I am the kind of person who likes to focus completely on a task, be it practicing piano alone, working with my clarinetist friend on chamber music, or reading a book. We can become so focused on the tasks, the goals of our lives that we find interruptions inconvenient. The practices of Lent serve as positive interrup-tions to the routine, and may even involve gentle daily disruptions by the Holy Spirit, as we will, to enter into the following: Prayer. Can I give God permission to inter rupt my day for 15 minutes to pray? To find a quiet place to be alone with Him? A time to accomplish little, really nothing at all, but to sit with Him and his love? Fasting. We fast to remind ourselves to be grateful and to pray. Choosing to go without food or a material comfort, or abstaining from a routine or particular activity is a type of sacrifice. The goal is to arrive at gratitude for gift. We are reminded, through fasting, of contingency: that we are completely reliant upon God for the blessing of life. Almsgiving. The proper response of gratitude is generosity towards others. Encountering those in need, am I able to at least share a name, shake a hand? Am I willing to help agencies that provide assistance, write a check, take a free tour at Catholic Charities (you will be amazed when you do this!), or volunteer? God needs our sacrifice much less than do we. In order to become people with an ever-evolving and deepening spiritual life, we need times to offer sacrifices in prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Lent asks something of uswhat we give, God pays back many times over!

    "Interrupciones! Desarrollando una actitud dcil." Yo soy el tipo de persona a la que le gusta concentrarme completamente en una tarea, como practicando piano solo, trabajando con mi amigo el clarinetista en msica de cmara, o leer un libro. Podemos estar tan concentrados en las tareas, que las metas de nuestras vidas que encontramos la interrupcin inconveniente. Las prcticas de Cuaresma sirven como interrupciones positivas de nuestra rutina, e incluso pueden ser interrupciones diarias por el Espritu Santo, a entrar en el siguiente:

    La oracin. Puedo dar a Dios permiso para interrumpir mi da por 15 minutos para orar? Para encontrar un lugar tranquilo para estar a solas con l? Un poco de tiempo para lograr poco o casi nada, solamente sentarse con l y con su amor?

    El ayuno. Ayunamos para recordarnos a nosotros mismos a ser agradecidos y a orar. Escoger ir sin comida o abstenerse de una rutina o actividad en particular es un tipo de sacrificio. El objetivo es llegar a la gratitud por el regalo. Se nos recuerda, a travs del ayuno, de contingencia: que somos totalmente dependientes de Dios para la bendicin de la vida. La limosna. La respuesta adecuada de la gratitud es la generosidad hacia los dems. Encontrando aquellos en necesidad, soy capaz de, al menos, compartir un nombre o saludar con una mano? Estoy

    dispuesto a ayudar a las agencias que proporcionan asistencia, escribir un cheque, visitar gratuito un lugar como Caridades Catlicas (se sorprender cuando hagas esto!), o voluntario? Dios necesita nuestro sacrificio mucho menos que nosotros. Con el fin de convertirse en personas con una constante evolucin y profundizacin de la vida espiritual, necesitamos momentos para ofrecer sacrificios en la oracin, el ayuno y la limosna. La Cuaresma nos pide algolo que damos, Dios pague muchas veces ms!

    Daylight Saving Time begins next

    Sunday, March 12. Turn clocks

    ahead one hour Saturday night.

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    Monday, March 6 6:30am...Paul A. Myers 12:05pm.Susie Dvila Flores

    Tuesday, March 7 6:30am..Holy Souls 12:05pm...Aurora P. Saldaa

    Wednesday, March 8 6:30amMadere Family 8:30am.Shawna Aubin 12:05pm...Marc Walker Griffin

    Thursday, March 9 6:30amDarren Wallis 12:05pm..Robert Spiller

    Friday, March 10 6:30amMadere Family 12:05pm.Rudy C. Fernandez

    Saturday, March 11 12:05pmMadeline R. Vidal 5:30pm.Gonzalo & Julia Lopez

    Sunday, March 12 8:00am...Victoria Navarro 9:30am...Teresa Gray 12:00pm .Cathedral Parishioners 1:45pm...Scott 3:30pm ...Russell Family 5:30pm..Camille Acevedo

    Mass Intentions

    March 5, 2017

    Please pray for: Christina Barron Almaguer, Kay Alonso, Rosalinda Barajas, Ebodia Bautista, Reef Bonsmann, Benny Brewer, Betty Brown, Brian Burditt, Jessica Burrola, Aaron Carroll, Luis Constantin, Claudia De Los Santos, Mary Jane De Los Santos, Carmel DiCarlo, Brandon Durieux Jennifer Flores, Glenn Gardner, Suzanne Garvil, Jesse Goldiano, Magdalena Gonzalez, Mary Gott, Gabriela Gray & Family, Sammy Greco, Eloisa Harkrider, Margaret Harrison, Lillian Eve Herrera, Vanessa Holmes, Diane Ballesteros-Houston, Virginia Iglesias, Helen Kouri, Ledesma Family, Roslyn Limones, David Mallak, Linda Martinez, San Juanita Martinez, Ralph Mergler, Msgr. Frank Miller, Kiera Miller, Michael Miller, Fabio Morales, Sr., Chandois Norton, Ludwicka Norton, Gary Porfirio, Mary Elizabeth Powell, Carol Richardson, Jorge Rivera, James Roberts, Chloe Sanders, Marrlene Sato, Kazuko Smith, Frances M. Strickland, Bill Tarpley, Linda Trevino, Roland Trevino, Sherry Trevino, Amiee Vassilli, Jesse Vielma, Shane Walden, Thomas Walker, Louise Walters, Cicely White & children, Jennifer Whitmore, Dot Wilkinson, Victoria Williams, Carol Young, Vicente Zavala

    Please pray for our honored loved in the military: A1C John Rex Alexander CPL Christopher Madere LCPL Eric E. Muoz HR Shelby D. Aparicio Capt. David McGuire Capt. Nicholas Naquin 1LT Kyra Barone Capt. Lawrence McNamara Sgt. Kenneth A. Saffell Capt. Mary E. Boyle 1LT Patrick McPhee Capt. Sean Snook PFC Andrew DiCarlo Christopher Mercado, USAF LT Ladd Spears, USN 1LT Cory Houck Capt. Chris Morrow Sgt. William Speer HN2 Jinuel Jehlen Ensign Evan Moses Spec 4 Chris Trevino HM3 Joseph Jehlen LT Shane Moses Christopher Ty Trevino 1LT Patrick Kuiper

    and for those who have died: Consuelo Medina, Theresa Yeager

    Next Sundays Second


    March 11-12, 2017 No Second Collection

    Thank you for your generosity!

    First Sunday of Lent

    What temptations lure us from the path of discipleship? Possessions? Pride? Power?

    Oh Lord, create for us a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit within us!

    Budgeted amount needed each week: $21,500

    Week ending February 25-26, 2017

    Actual Collection $ 18,847 Over/(Under) ($ 2,653)

    No Second Collection

    Build Your Throne a/o 10/19/16 $ 20,405

    FY 2017 Year-to-Date Budget $ 752,500 FY 2017 Actual Collection $ 718,296 Over/(Under) ($ 34,204)

    Debt Balance as of 1/17/17 0

    Attendance 1,376

    Stewardship of Treasure

    Lenten Fridays: Lenten lunches beginning at 11:30am, ending at 1:15pm. (March 10

    sponsorCathedral Office) Lenten fish fry dinners5:30pm; Stations of the Cross7:00pm.

    Los viernes de la cuaresma:

    Almuerzos Cuaresmal a partir de las 11:30am. Almuerzo termina a las 1:15pm. (10 de marzo patrocinador-Catedral oficina)

    5:30pm Cena de pescado frito;

    7:00pm Las Va Crucis

    Explore the Gospels the Sundays of Lent: March 5 through April 9, 11:00-11:45am, in Bishops Hall, using th


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