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  • 1. Recruitment trends2012/2013 @WeAreAdam London: 0207 8717 665Manchester: 0161 359 3789

2. Vacancies at 15 year high Every Sector in growth Perm jobs month on month increase since October 2012Trends Employment confidence increasing Hiring intentions improving temp & Perm 65% of employers will increase their perm headcount in the next three months 3. Economy grew by 1.9% in 2013 and forecast 2.5% in 2014 Record Employment even with economy not back to 2008 levels Unemployment Falling from 7.7 in August to 7.1 %UK Labour Market Youth unemployment and long term unemployment still too high Skills and talent shortages, worsening in many sectors, especially digital Perm starting Salaries rising Immigration, living costs and productivity the key issues 4. INDUSTRY TURNOVER (BILLION)Recruitment Industry Turnover[VALUE]TEMPORARY/CONTRACTPERMANENT2.4 5. Annual figures per consultant (permanent roles)Average value of sales per consultant is 83,955 Below the pre-recession peak of 96,954 Average number of placements are 21 6. Deep expertise in their nicheThe mould for an inch wide, miles deep consultant Know where the talent is Candidate centric model Use content to attract candidates Highly effective use of social media Have global reach Possibility of margin growth Consultants are true consultants 7. Often in the contingent labour market Low margins / high volumesThe mould for a low cost operator consultant Compete on compliance process heavy Excellent at winning tenders / PSL Use economy of scale to create value Growth via acquisition May often go through intermediaries Consultants are operators 8. Branch model with regional focus Generalists temps and permThe mould for a traditional plus consultant Full service model Often do commercial / office/ industrial + Focus on SMEs lots of eggs in lots of baskets + Relentless focus at avoiding intermediaries / PSL + Defend margins via relationships + Consolidate on to one site + Offer clients onsite offering 9. Relationship orientedThe essentials of todays modern recruiter Long term view take time to get to know client Responsive, available Anticipate issues and offer solutions Not cheap but takes long term commercial viewIts all about Trust! 10. The essentials of todays modern recruiter (Part II) Market knowledge Aware of Industry/sector issues and impact on talent Knowledge of key players and who is up and coming Up to date with trends in talent, compensation and new processes/business models.Become respected 11. Mobile Recruitment and the future.. 12. The New Age. 13. 88% of UK Job Seekers have used a mobile device to search for jobs in the last year Google Consumer Survey 2013 If you have a social strategy you need a mobile strategySo whats the deal with mobile? LinkedIn mobile traffic has increased by 30% since 2011 1/3 of job views are from a mobile device The big advantage is privacy, removing the awkwardness of fielding calls from recruiters at work 14. SMS system-Job alerts, arranging interviews, next payroll date Instant Messaging? (Grew 203% in 2013)Where would I start with mobile? Re-design job alerts for mobile devices Share content that is image heavy Make applying on LinkedIn easy Ensure Social Sharing is an easy process with your content 15. 13M+BELGIUM5M+2M+FRANCESPAINTURKEY6M+1M+1M+ITALYCANADA1M+NETHERLANDS7M+ 9M+4M+UNITED KINGDOMSWEDENDENMARK93M+Social Media and Job SearchUNITED STATES OF AMERICA1M+16M+24M+1M+ UNITED ARAB EMIRATES2M+INDONESIAPHILIPPINES1M+MALAYSIAINDIA2M+ 1M+SAUDI ARABIASINGAPOREBRAZIL5M+ AUSTRALIA3M+277M+1M+SOUTH AFRICANEW ZEALANDMembers worldwide+2New members per second 16. Twitter is currently growing faster than LinkedIn Engagement increases for Tweets under 100 characters, essentially keep any posts or briefs short and sweetGetting the most out of social 70% Job adverts are read on a mobile device- make sure there isnt a plethora of text and definitely have a clear cut call to action Post jobs regularly in groups on LinkedIn Make sure all your job postings on social media have a LINK, but then again dont cram all the text in , there is an 86% increase in interest with links Asking for shares on your posts can lead to 23x more engagement Specific #Hashtags help: use niches, instead of saying #Job, put something like #DigitalManagerManc or #FMCG 17. Adams reports Weve recently started releasing data driven reports which give insights into various modern trends, click on the links below to take a lookSocial Media & The LawDigital Jobs: Manchester vs LondonEmployee Engagement