recruiting, motivating, and keeping quality employees chapter 7

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Recruiting, motivating, and keeping quality employees

Recruiting, motivating, and keeping quality employeesChapter 7

Human Resources Management All actions that an organization takes to attract, develop, and retain quality employees. 2

3RecruitmentIdentifying suitable candidates and encouraging them to apply for openings in the organization. 4Job Description: Cosmetic Sales at NordstromPrimary Responsibilities:Greet customers in a timely, professional and personable mannerUse product knowledge and selection to provide exceptional service to customers and build your salesOffer hands-on cosmetics consultations Build lasting relationships with customers by contacting them to follow up on purchases, suggest new merchandise, and remind them of upcoming eventsPerform merchandising tasks, such as stock, re-merchandising, display, price markdowns, and transfers5Job Specification:Cosmetic Sales at NordstromQualifications:Driven to deliver superior service by exceeding customer expectationsDemonstrated ability to develop relationships with customers and co-workers from all walks of lifeAble to work well as a team player in a fast-paced, energetic environmentProven ability to plan, set and achieve goalsStrong organizational and follow-up skills Excellent verbal and interpersonal skills Presents a professional image in appearance, words and actionsBe a self-starter and use good judgment in all situationsPrevious experience in cosmetics sales preferred6SelectionCreating criteria for deciding which candidate is best for the company and specific jobs. 7Interview QuestionsGeneralBehaviorCustomerServiceEnd ofInterview Tell me about your recent work experience(s). Why did you leave your previous place of employment? What strengths and weaknesses would you bring to this position?Source: www.workforcecentralflorida.com8Interview QuestionsGeneralBehaviorCustomerServiceEnd ofInterviewSource: www.workforcecentralflorida.comDescribe a situation when you had to take directions from several people at the same time. Describe a time when you had to sacrifice quality for a deadline, or visa versa. How did you react to this? Describe a tough problem that you have dealt with, tell me how you approached it and the outcome. Tell me about a time when you felt you had to break a company rule in order to get something done. 9Interview QuestionsGeneralBehaviorCustomerServiceEnd ofInterviewSource: How would your supervisor describe your relationship with your peers? Describe a customer compliant that you have resolved. How would the people you supervise describe your management style?10Interview QuestionsGeneralBehaviorCustomerServiceEnd ofInterviewSource: What aspect of your past employments did you enjoy the most? Why should I hire you? Do you have any questions for me?11Are these questions legal?1. Where were you born?2. Why did you leave your previous employer?3. What kinds of things do you do when you are not at work?4. Did you pay for insurance coverage at your previous company?5. Have your wages ever been garnished? Is so, why?6. Are you currently married?7. Do you currently have trouble with drug or alcohol abuse?NoNoNoNoNoYesYes12Are these questions legal?8. Are you satisfied with the progress of your career?9. What have been your most significant accomplishments since joining your present company?10. Where do you see yourself over the next five years?11. What is your birth date?12. Do you have any physical limitations?13. What are the ages of your children? Who takes care of them for you?14. What did you like/dislike about your previous position? YesYesYesYesNoNoNo13Are these questions legal?15. How long have you lived at your present address?16. Who lives in your household?17. How well did you get along with your previous manager?18. What is your current compensation?19. How frequently did you get salary increases?20. Have you ever been arrested?YesYesYesNoNoNo14Motivating and Managing People

15Motivation TheoriesMaslows Hierarchy of Needs16Self-ActualizationEsteemSocialSafetyPhysiological

Needs and Motivations17Motivation TheoriesMaslows Hierarch of NeedsExpectancy TheoryHigh Motivation = f (Performance + Rewards)18Motivation TheoriesMaslows Hierarch of NeedsExpectancy TheoryGoal-Setting Theory19Motivation TheoriesMaslows Hierarch of NeedsExpectancy TheoryGoal-Setting Theory Equity TheoryJob Enrichment Theory Job Enlargement Job RotationJob Enrichment20