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Jeff Batuhan shares Stryker's approach to and success with re-positioning their recruiters as talent advisers, and Jenny DeVaughn discusses how to evolve your talent acquisition teams to provide proactive consultation to your hiring managers using LinkedIn and other digital tools. Continue your talent acquisition transformation at Talent Connect 365:


  • Using data to become a strategic talent advisor

    @JennyDeVaughn Senior Director Employment Branding and Sourcing ADP


  • ADP

  • You seek too much information and not

    enough transformation. Shirdi Sai Baba


  • Talent Acquisition Transformation Simplify Innovate Grow


  • Is Your Company a Talent Factory? HR Leading Human Capital Management (HCM)

    Accountability for top talent from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Diversity partnerships

    Internal Drive Your Career program Business Process Innovation (BPI)

    opportunities Lower Interview to Hire Ratio

    Improve Candidate Quality

    Increase Response Rate


  • Talent Advisors Inspiring Innovation

    Historical and competitive talent data Ideal location(s)

    Salary range


    Lowest cost per hire

    Talent pool availability Internal



  • Over 50 critical openings in six locations at three different levels: Product Owner Senior Product Owner Chief Product Owner

    Potential Candidates in the Workforce: 250 Direct Employers Currently Competing: 69 Open Jobs Posted by Direct Employers: 132 Difficulty (Easy=0% and Most Difficult is 100%) 90%

    Product Management Hiring Initiative


  • $960 ADPs Cost per Hire for LinkedIn Job Slots

    Source: TMP, 2014


  • ADP Global Employer Brand and Marketing Insightful Expertise

    More Needles, Less Haystack Customizable Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

    Targeted pay per click advertising and content

    Remove sources of unqualified applicants

    Partner with leaders on hiring events, referral bonus, and video assets

    Focus on global mobile easy apply


  • #intalent

  • If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.

    Zig Ziglar


  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Candidates are detractors, passives, or promoters based on their feedback Reach out to each type to follow-up Feedback used with the hiring manager and the recruiter Included in individual performance and quality goals

    Measure Candidate Experience


  • Collaborate with all internal brand leaders

    Gather best practices LinkedIn blogs, webinars, and content

    Start with a pilot one hiring initiative, one location, one business unit

    Let the data guide you, not your gut instinct

    Next Steps


  • ADP Careers


  • Jeff Batuhan Sr. Director, Global Talent Acquisition

    Stryker Corporation

    Using data to become a strategic talent advisor


  • Agenda

    Talent Management Approach

    Defining Success Profile

    Utilizing Data to Connect, Inspire & Transform

    Leveraging your internal and external partners for development

    Q&A #intalent

  • on FORTUNE 500


    included in the Standards & Poors

    500 Index

    500 S&P

    in annual sales globally in 2013


    employees worldwide


    straight years of sales growth

    34 countries where Stryker

    products are sold

    100+ manufacturing

    and research & development locations worldwide

    32 patents owned globally in 2013


  • *Non-GAAP financial measure. A reconciliation of Adjusted Diluted Net Earnings per share to GAAP Diluted Net Earnings Per Share is included in the Companys Annual Reports on Form 10-K.












    Sales $B

    34 Straight years of sales growth 18% CAGR in sales over 34-year period $9B annual sales globally in 2013



  • 100 Best Mid Companies Stryker UK Ltd. Recipient for the

    seventh consecutive year

    Great Place to Work Institute Canada

    Ranked #42, fourth consecutive year

    Global Recognition

    Worlds Most Admired Companies in Medical Products

    & Equipment Recipient for the thirteenth

    consecutive year, #4 in 2014

    Largest U.S.-Based Companies Joined the list in 2003 as #493,

    moved to #305 in 2013

    Employees Choice Best Place to Work

    Recipient for the first time, ranked #48

    Recipient for the fourth consecutive year, ranked #42

    in 2014

    Great Workplace Award Recipient for the sixth time in 2013


  • 78% of 1,200 CEOs from 60 countries list 7 top issues:

    Talent is #1 - PricewaterhouseCoopers Survey


  • Utilizing data every step of the process Talent Management Approach

    1 2 3 4 5

    Success Profile

    Hiring Strategy

    Onboarding Engagement Development


  • Our Journey

    Recruiters #1 focus is filling jobs Little investment on the teams development Metrics not clearly defined Process and ATS system utilization were inconsistent Poor candidate experience (Glassdoor ranking) Hiring Manager Satisfaction 7.0/10 49% of the jobs have been opened for over 90 days 30+% agency utilization

    Metrics (Prior 2012)


  • Strategic Talent Advisors Redefine Recruiters as Talent Advisors

    Business first Challenge-dont just satisfy-

    hiring managers Labor market expertise Candidate experience Mentors others


  • Hire Experienced?

    Hire Talent/Potential?



  • Connect

    General Talent Acquisition Overview New Hire Orientation

    TA Process & System

    Metrics, Analytics & Reporting

    Process & Applicant Tracking System

    Selection & Sourcing Tools

    LinkedIn, CRM, Talent & Supply Demand Portal

    Talent Selection (Gallup) - Renowned Recruiters

    Stryker Business

    Job Shadowing/ Ride Along

    Corporate Overview & Organizational Structure

    CEB Talent Advisor Pipeline Management Strategic Advisor


  • #intalent

  • Inspire

    Team engagement survey data

    Align recruiter incentives

    to strategic impact

    Annual Talent Acquisition Academy

  • Performance Analytics Hiring Manager Satisfaction Survey Candidate Experience Survey Certification Data Results (i.e. LinkedIn)

    Formal discussion every 6 months Ongoing professional and

    development training Developmental assignments/projects

    Transform Leverage Recruiting Managers and data to accelerate development


  • Leveraging internal and external partners to accelerate

    Talent Advisor capabilities

  • Hiring Manager Satisfaction 8.4/10 vs 7.4* Aging requisitions above 90 days 28% vs 49% Agency Utilization 9% vs 30+% Talent Export 15%-20% Team Engagement 4.45 GrandMean **

    Metrics & Accolades

    2014 Candidate Experience Award (CandE) 2014 LinkedIn Most InDemand Employer in the US 2014 Glassdoors Best Places To Work

    *CEB US Benchmark ** Gallup WW Database (75th Percentile)

    Our Progress


  • Key Take Away Define and clarify your specific Talent Advisor capabilities

    Incorporate data into your assessment and selection strategies Provide your recruiters development opportunities closing the gap

    Embed measures of strategic impact into scorecards



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