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  2. 2. Is it time we all unleashed our inner entrepreneur? It might just be our best chance in a world of constant change, uncertainty and rapid shift.As flux becomes the new normal keeping up and keeping ahead is our challenge. In this environment, the flatter, empowering, learning organisations are storming ahead. The rigid, hierarchical and existing management paradigms are begin to fail us. We are in a new age of fail fast. Fail often.Is the HR profession able to design the right jobs to make the very best use of our people?Today, sources of strategic advantage are rooted firmly in our entrepreneurial appetite. Be ready for failure, constantly learn, and aim high.Welcome to the world of try it, find what works, then run as fast as you can when it does.
  3. 3. We have entered a new age of scientific HR management. But its not like anything we knew before. Disciplines are converging and its painting an optimistic picture of what people can achieve. It is true engagement underpinned by an understanding of human behaviour and human biology. If we are really looking to improve performance we need to take time to understand what motivates and drives human beings on a fundamental level. Human kind has already seen the industrial revolution, then the technological revolution, now we are now on the cusp of the true people revolution. It is perhaps the most significant. And the most incredible.
  4. 4. Tomorrow, technological change will not compete with or disrupt human endeavour; it is our greatest opportunity to realise the potential of our people. For the first time we are entering the age of connected intelligence.We are in the age of people to people, employee to employee and employee to potential employee. The HR profession is uniquely placed to give commercial advantage to any organisation operating in this context. Today we have the chance to leverage disruptive technologies as incredible tools for engagement.At its greatest, automation and technology should be giving us more power, and more opportunities, to become more human organisations. 70% of enterprise value is now wrapped up in our intangibles: ideas, innovation and human energy. These are the dominant natural resources of tomorrow.
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