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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>EducateIn Orange County </p> <p>Leverage your LinkedIn Presence, Search &amp; Reach more efficiently, walk away </p> <p>educated. </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Stephanie Wilbrandt Solutions Consultant </p> <p>LinkedIn </p> <p>Joe Rocha Recruitment Product Consultant </p> <p>LinkedIn </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Ron Nash Founder </p> <p>The In Academy </p> <p>Its not the strongest species that survive, not the most intelligent but the ones most </p> <p>responsive to change </p> <p> Charles Darwin </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>6 </p> <p>A Moment of Silence for the Fallen. </p> <p>6 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>7 </p> <p>Carpe Diem </p> <p>7 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>8 </p> <p>Remember? </p> <p>8 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>9 </p> <p>9 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>10 </p> <p>What Does This Mean? </p> <p>10 </p> <p>Participating in the social </p> <p>media conversation and </p> <p>creating a social media </p> <p>recruiting strategy is </p> <p>absolutely necessary </p> <p>to ensure that you are </p> <p>competitive in the recruiting </p> <p>game </p> <p> i </p> <p>i </p> <p>i </p> <p>What is LinkedIn? </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn 12 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p> 277M+ Members worldwide +2 New members per second </p> <p>187M Monthly unique members </p> <p>LinkedIn: A Global Pool of Talent </p> <p>2M+ INDONESIA </p> <p>2M+ PHILIPPINES </p> <p>1M+ MALAYSIA </p> <p>1M+ SINGAPORE </p> <p>1M+ SAUDI ARABIA </p> <p>16M+ BRAZIL </p> <p>93M+ UNITED STATES </p> <p>OF AMERICA </p> <p>9M+ CANADA </p> <p>24M+ INDIA </p> <p>5M+ AUSTRALIA </p> <p>1M+ NEW ZEALAND </p> <p>3M+ SOUTH AFRICA </p> <p>1M+ UNITED ARAB EMIRATES </p> <p>13M+ UNITED KINGDOM </p> <p>7M+ FRANCE </p> <p>6M+ ITALY </p> <p>1M+ BELGIUM </p> <p>1M+ DENMARK </p> <p>2M+ TURKEY </p> <p>4M+ NETHERLANDS </p> <p>1M+ SWEDEN </p> <p>5M+ SPAIN </p> <p>13 </p> <p>Expanding Your Presence On LinkedIn </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Think About It Like This </p> <p>15 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>This is Your Chance </p> <p>16 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>How People Engage with Your Agency </p> <p>People researching your </p> <p>employees </p> <p>People researching your </p> <p>company </p> <p>People currently following </p> <p>your company </p> <p>Organic Traffic: </p> <p>InMails, Telephone Calls, </p> <p>Emails, Meetings </p> <p>17 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>What is a Follower </p> <p> A LinkedIn member who has selected to continually get information from your organization. </p> <p> Potential candidate </p> <p> Potential client </p> <p> Potential employee of your firm </p> <p>18 </p> <p>The #1 activity on LinkedIn </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Build a Compelling Profile </p> <p> Add a picture </p> <p> Include a creative headline </p> <p> Write an elevator pitch </p> <p> Point out your skills </p> <p> Show, dont tell </p> <p> Ask for recommendations </p> <p> Own your public profiles URL </p> <p>20 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn 21 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>LinkedIn Company Pages </p> <p>22 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Above &amp; Beyond with LinkedIn Career Pages </p> <p>23 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn 24 </p> <p>Members are more engaged with the companies </p> <p>they follow on LinkedIn </p> <p>78% </p> <p>More likely to accept </p> <p>Recruiter InMail </p> <p>6x </p> <p>More likely to view </p> <p>LinkedIn Career Page </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Build a Community: Engage, Analyze, Optimize </p> <p>Analyze &amp; Optimize </p> <p>Engage Followers: Post Updates </p> <p>Build Community: Acquire Followers </p> <p>Establish Presence: Develop Branding Assets </p> <p>xyzCo </p> <p>xyzCo </p> <p>Ed Franklin </p> <p>Grow Your Career by </p> <p>Following: </p> <p>XYZ.CO </p> <p>Cecile, get the latest on XYZ.CO </p> <p>Jobs, News &amp; more! </p> <p>XYZ.CO </p> <p>Grow Your Career by Following: </p> <p>XYZ.CO </p> <p>Cecile, get the latest on XYZ.CO </p> <p>Jobs, News &amp; more! </p> <p>XYZ.CO </p> <p>25 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>26 </p> <p>Consider the Member Experience </p> <p>26 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>27 </p> <p>Consider the Member Experience </p> <p>In their </p> <p>Inbox </p> <p>On the </p> <p>LinkedIn </p> <p>homepage </p> <p>When they </p> <p>network with </p> <p>your </p> <p>employees </p> <p>When they </p> <p>search for </p> <p>jobs </p> <p>Via mobile </p> <p>LinkedIn app </p> <p>When they </p> <p>research your </p> <p>company </p> <p>27 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>28 </p> <p>Consider the Member Experience </p> <p>In their </p> <p>Inbox </p> <p>On the </p> <p>LinkedIn </p> <p>homepage </p> <p>When they </p> <p>network with </p> <p>your </p> <p>employees </p> <p>When they </p> <p>search for </p> <p>jobs </p> <p>Via mobile </p> <p>LinkedIn app </p> <p>When they </p> <p>research your </p> <p>company </p> <p>28 </p> <p>Search with Recruiter </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Preparing for the Hunt </p> <p>30 </p> <p> Are you connected to your clients, coworkers, &amp; industry? </p> <p> Have you joined professional groups? Have you updated your Profile to </p> <p>broadcast your search? </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Mix Up Your Search Strategy </p> <p>31 </p> <p>And you </p> <p>thought the </p> <p>red ones </p> <p>were rare! </p> <p> Conceptual Search Implicit Search Natural Language Search </p> <p> Indirect Search Similar Profiles Profile Matches </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>32 </p> <p>Targeted Refinement Filters Consultants &amp; Contractors </p> <p>Interested In Consultants /Contractors </p> <p>Function Consultant </p> <p>Years in Position Less than 1 Year/1 to 2 Years </p> <p>When Joined Within 2 Weeks </p> <p>Groups My Groups/All Groups </p> <p>Current Company That Uses Contractors </p> <p>Company Size 1-10 </p> <p>Company Type Self-Owned </p> <p>32 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>33 </p> <p>Beyond Keywords Custom Filters </p> <p>33 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Search Alerts When Results are Manageable - &lt; 100-200 </p> <p>34 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Search Alerts When Results are Manageable - &lt; 100-200 </p> <p>35 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Update Me </p> <p>36 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Similar Profiles &amp; Profile Match </p> <p>37 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Similar Profiles &amp; Profile Match </p> <p>38 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Similar Profiles &amp; Profile Match </p> <p>39 </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>Tags </p> <p>Status </p> <p>Searchable! </p> <p>Customize Your Dashboard Add info now to make future searches faster! </p> <p>40 </p> <p>Reach: InMail &amp; Jobs </p> <p>Follow us @HireOnLinkedIn </p> <p>&gt;75% </p> <p>277M+ </p>