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  • What are we talking about? Where did this come from? Discovering passion Uncovering the niche Diversifying the risk Sweat equity

  • Why jump out and innovate? Career in [email protected]/Passion for sports

    The Memphis [email protected] Flipping the script

    Take what you know and apply it to a new idea

    Technology Age enables everyone

    Its all a calculated risk

  • Engagement Social Media (Prole photos, Friday Night Tweets)

    Events (Scholarship Workshop, Senior Showcase)

    Daily blogging, news

    Television and radio segments

    [email protected] punch with paid [email protected]

  • Dont be the guy who looks back with regret.

    My high school football career is over. If I had another chance I would. Study harder Take the SAT/ACT seriously Complete all my assignments Study for Finals Be a Student-Athlete, not a class clown Listen to my parents, teachers & coaches Be the hardest worker on the eld Train harder to be the best

  • Revenue Stream Diversity College [email protected] service

    [email protected] revenue

    Website [email protected]

    [email protected] and [email protected] [email protected]

    Events (Camps, etc.)

  • Being prepared For me, a psychological challenge day by day

    The Race never ends

    Feeding the beast The challenge of hiring

    Dozens of ways to do it Thanks to Hatch for [email protected]!

  • Thank You!