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The roots of the 14th century English word "compassion" are from the French for "struggle" and "together". But the roots of its Hebrew twin are much deeper and are shared with the word "rechemet" - "womb". This brings a whole new perspective to compassion ensuring that we consider that even as there is a time for us to hold one another compassionately, there is also a time when we must let go. Focused moment prepared for West Hill United,


  • 1. Compassion.

2. Wewatchand listen, 3. stand witness to the circumstances that ravage other hearts 4. and our own are stretchedbeyond the comfort of the familiar. 5. We respond,our actions scriptedby the very wordwe seek to live: 6. com-passion to suffer together. 7. But more ancient rootsbind us to a deeper truth, 8. a primal connection, 9. the rhythmic pulse that takes usback to our beginnings, 10. the womb out of which life pushed us forth. 11. There,for a time,was oneness,satiety,untroubled truths. 12. May our hearts open withcompassion, 13. create a womb of peacefor those whose lives are stark with terror,riven with discord, bleak with despair 14. that they maysense connection, 15. sort through troubledtruths, 16. andfind afullnessthey hadlost. 17. And may life, in due time,push them forth once more 18. even as it opens its arms to receive them. 19. Fresh.New.Alive.


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