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<p>Welcome to Ukraine!!!</p> <p>Welcome to Ukraine!!!LC Berdyansk is waiting for you!!!</p> <p>Where is Berdyansk? Berdyansk (Berdyans'k on Ukrainian) is a port city in the Zaporozhye province of Ukraine; it is an administrative centre of the Berdyansk district. Berdyansk is located in Northern Priazovye on east coast of the Berdyansk gulf in northern part of Azov Sea.</p> <p>Some facts from the history of BerdyanskAt the beginning of the XIX century the Russian Empire urgently needed a port on the coast of the Azov Sea to export wheat overseas from Trans-Azov region and the left bank of Ukraine. In 1824 the earl Mikhail Vorontsov, who was the Governor-General of the Novorussian land, arranged an expedition with a purpose of finding a place for such port. It was decided to build a quay in a vast convenient bay protected from the East with Berdyansk sandy spit. The spit name was after the river Berda, which flew into the Azov Sea a bit more to the East. Yet in the seventies of the XVIII century, so called Petrovska fortress (nowadays it is located on the territory of the village Novopetrovka, the suburb of Berdyansk) was built just near the river's mouth to obtain protection against attacks of the Crimean Tatars. By the end of 1827 a quay was built on the coast and a small settlement with a Turkish name Kutur-Ogly appeared next to it. Three years later it was called Novo-Nogajsk (because of the local nomadic population Noganians). And, finally, in 1841 the city was renamed as Berdyansk by a special order of the Tsar (Russian King).During the first decades the port remained the basis of the local economy. At the end of the XIX century industrial enterprises began being built and soon Berdyansk became known as a wonderful resort area. In the XX century Berdyansk remained mainly an industrial centre, but in the last decades an active development of a resort places started. The central districts were reconstructed, new parks and fountains appeared. The city acquired its modern and unique appearance. Gradually Berdyansk takes a form of a modern European city. In 2001 it has received the first place in All-Ukrainian competition on the best beautification.In 2005 the city received the status of the resort of national importance.Nowadays population of Berdyansk is around 125 000 people</p> <p>Our ClimateThe climate of Azov coast is unique: the summer is hot and dry, the winter is soft and warm. The resort Berdyansk is located along coast of east part of the Berdyansk gulf of sea of Azov. Unique possibilities of health improvement are created by the nature. The level of oxygen in the air of the Azov seacoast is half as much again as in the air of the Black seacoast. It is a cocktail from a sea breeze generously sated with ozone, bromine, iodine and a warm wind with honey aroma of steppe grasses. Temperature of sea water off Berdyansk is higher than that of the Black Sea coast of Crimea and the Caucasus. Already in May the water is warming up to 22, and in July - up to 30 degrees Celsius.</p> <p>Average temperature during the year</p> <p>JanFebMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugSeptOctNovDec-7-10-5+8+18+25+35+32+24+10+5-5</p> <p>Culture in BerdyanskPride of Berdyansk are festivals which more than ten in a year. These are All-Ukrainian festival of the journalists, the well-known movie festival "Brigantine", jazz festival, comic festival Hilarious at the dark blue sea, festival of children's variety creativity "Top-top", festival of young variety executors "Meteoric shower". To it is possible to add festival of a sacred music and national cultures, cheerful "Heat of the sun" and television the Azov sails, unforgettable the Rock'n'roll of slavic soul and generous festival of beer. In the city work art museums, P.Schmidt's museum, a museum of the Great Patriotic War and a museum of history of Berdyansk.</p> <p>On a mountain slope the zoo, near far from it the whole year open exhibition-club of aquarian fishes and reptiles is located, on the Seaside square the mobile amusement park all the summer long works, between Sailor's outskirt and the Berdyansk spit the biggest on the territory of the former USSR an aquapark settles down , on the third beach there is a small town of children's attractions.The whole year round the circus troupes with tours come to Berdyansk. You can join city dolphinarium and watch amazing dolphins' show. </p> <p>Architecture of the cityBerdyansk differs by its uncommon monuments. Along with a monument to A.Pushkin, P.Schmidt, V.Lenin, duke Vorontsov . there is a monument to the goby-fish, the sanitary technician, the boy-fisherman, an envious toad, to childhood., to jelousy. The armchair of desires uses the big popularity. It is said that if to sit down on it and to think of desire it will necessarily come true. These unusual monuments appeared in process of reconstruction of Lenin's avenue. A symbol of the city which can be seen in photos of all who has visited Berdyansk - the bower on seacoast . The resort Berdyansk continues to expand annually a spectrum of the services in sphere of the industry of rest. Reconstruction of the central and seaside streets of the city proceeds, all new hotels and recreation centres equipped by up to date technics for comfortable rest, the conditions improves in ready-built before tourist objects .</p> <p>TourismToday it is possible to assert safely, that Berdyansk, Berdyansk region and Berdyansk spit are one of most ecologically pure regions of Ukraine. These changes have aloud affected change of the status of the city. Berdyansk from "Industrial centre" becomes "tourist". Today Berdyansk - the main city-resort of the Azov coast. The infrastructure of rest and entertainments in Berdyansk is the most developed on the Azov seashore and with success competes to resorts of Black Sea Coast and Crimea. Here is big number of sanatoriums, resorts, rest houses where, besides rest it is possible to pass medical and restorative courses of health improvement .Only on the Berdyansk spit are located about 70 health improving establishments: 7 sanatoriums, 17 children's and sports establishments, 45 recreation centres, boarding houses which can simultaneously receive up to 15 thousand persons. Estuaries and salt lakes, located near the mouth of the Byrd at the base of the Berdyansk spit, contain unique curative mud and mineral springs. The main curative factors: the mud and brine lagoons, thalassotherapy. By pedestrian area of Lenin Avenue, the Seaside square and quays of Berdyansk it is possible to drive on trishaws, small steam locomotive and on the real horses. On all beaches guests can take advantage of large quantity of entertainments: driving on rubber bananas and tablets, water bicycles and motorcycles, walks on boats and yachts, driving from slides and trampolines. In the evening it is possible to have a rest in bars, restaurants, night clubs more of them have summer platforms which are located directly on the seacoast.</p> <p>EducationDespite the small sizes of the city and small number of local population, there are the state pedagogical university, Azov Regional Institute of Management and UNIVERSITY OF MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS in Berdyansk. Besides, in the city branches of other HIGH SCHOOLS and professional colleges are located. In the park of Schmidt there is a Berdyansk musical school, and absolutely nearby, almost on seacoast, art school. One of subjects of pride of Berdyansk is the Centre of Children's and Youthful creativity numbering a large quantity of study groups and ensembles.</p> <p>Transport Berdyansk city is an important highway and railway junction. So, it has train station, bus station, sea port. Berdyansk is quite small city, so you can go almost everywhere by foot or use our public transport. Prices:Bus 2uah, or 0.25$USD 3uah to Berdyansk SpitTaxi 12uah/5km or 1.5 $Train to Kiev 87 uah or 11$Bus to Kiev 200 uah or 25$</p> <p>Guide how to get from Kiev airport to BerdyanskWhen your plane lands you get to the main building of airport where you pass the registry and get your luggage. (Follow the signs in English)After that you need to get to main hall and turn right where youll notice Currency Exchange. (Additional information about currency rate you can find in internet or just ask someone from LC before your arrival)We suggest not to change more than 5-10 dollars in airport since currency rate is not the best, plus all in all youll need less than 5 dollars to pay for the bus to train station.Then, when you got some grivnas (Thats how our money is called=)) in your pocket your destination is bus stop. To get there you need to go to the exit of Terminal B where you are in and head to the right.There youll notice big grey busses with word written on them.If you want to be sure just try to ask anyone near in English or in Russian .Pronunciation well be something like Izvinite ,etot avtobys idet na vokzal? which literally means Excuse me, this bus goes to train station? When you are in, lady will go through rows and collect pay for fare. It should be approximately 5 dollars in grivnas which is about 35 grivnas)Enjoy your ride, final destination of the bus is Train Station, it takes about 30-40 minutes to get there. Meanwhile you can enjoy Kievs landscapes and scenery)Reception responsible will meet you on the train station and help to get tickets to Berdyansk.</p> <p>Check these sites for information about flights:</p> <p> :: :: ::</p> <p>Ukrainian train system:</p> <p>Prices</p> <p>AIESEC in BERDYANSK16 years of development and progress25 active and ambitious membersRapid growth in organizational goals achievingAround 10 social and professional projects each yearMore then 10 companies-partnersAIESECers give support, attention and part of heart to each intern</p> <p>WELCOME TO THE MOST SUNNY LC!!!</p> <p>See you soon!</p>