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  1. 1. Rebekah Dunlap CG3 FA 2014 Touchdown Lounge For this design, I have chosen a sophisticated and elegant style to guide my decisions. Keeping in mind the target market and desired emphasis on technology and innovation, I have chosen several materials including wood, black onyx, and Carpet. I have deliberately separated the different spaces according to their function with the use of various walls. While designing a space for clients to serve themselves, I have also added a bar next to the customer service desk. Individual workstations will also be placed outside of the conference rooms and printing room. A custom made wall is to be built of wood and glass for the front of the space, as well as custom beams to line the ceiling, two feet below the bottom of the upper floor.
  2. 2. Rebekah Dunlap CG3 FA 2014 Floor Plan & Reflected Ceiling Plan Scale: 0-1/8 = 1-0
  3. 3. Rebekah Dunlap CG3 FA 2014 Perspectives