reasoning in psychology using statistics psychology 138 spring 2015

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  • Reasoning in PsychologyUsing StatisticsPsychology 138Spring 2015

    Reasoning in Psychology Using Statistics

    AnnouncementsOutlineCourse formatLecture classesLabs: Calculations and SPSSBrief syllabus review30 min intro video

    Reasoning in Psychology Using Statistics

    What are Statistics?Its about almost everything in modern society.Bennett, Briggs, Triola (2003), Statistical Reasoning for Everyday lifeStatistics: tools, used to make decisionsDescriptive statisticsInferential statisticsData: numbers with a contextHow were numbers measured, what do they mean?Understanding the context

    Reasoning in Psychology Using Statistics

    SyllabusWhere is it?: ReggieNet (via MyIllinoisState)Direct link to syllabus: information: for me and your GAsCourse Calendar and OutlinePowerpoint lectures, links to labs, due dates, etc.Evaluation:1000 points total, 900-1000 for A, etc. I dont round up, so 899 is a BExams: In-lecture & in labs, quizzes, final project, labs

    Reasoning in Psychology Using Statistics

    Reading Packet (download the pdf)

    Instead of an expensive textbookRead it before coming to lecture and going to labsPractice questions (solutions are in the back)

    Reasoning in Psychology Using Statistics

    Video reviewMain points from the videoEvery statistical test starts with an appropriate selection of subjectsInferences must be based on more than one observation because of variabilityTwo types of error must be controlled while testing hypothesesA decision is based on two things:The difference between groupsThe variability of the scoresWeek 3Weeks 5&6Week 10Weeks 10-15Inferential statistics: hypothesis testing rats, robots, and roller skatesWiley (1977)

    Reasoning in Psychology Using Statistics

    Questions?Todays labGetting to know Your GAs and the Lab set up ReggieNet sitePractice a quizUploading a fileSubmitting and assignment

    ***Examples of stocks, sports, weather****


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