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<ul><li><p>Reaping The Benefits Of WAN Optimization Controllers </p><p> Though ensuring acceptable and standard application delivery has always been a crucial aspect, historically it was never a top priority for IT enterprises. It underwent a change many years back when the IT organizations started to focus in a dedicated manner on application delivery on a huge part of responding to the performance challenges related to supporting applications that were in turn delay sensitive and supporting huge file transfers between branch offices and headquarters. A major medium through which IT enterprises were responding to these performance challenges was by implementing WAN optimization controllers. </p><p> In most cases, WAN optimization controllers were deployed as a stand-alone hardware-based device. Owing to the mass adoption of Virtualization, IT enterprises today are witnessing a new kind of application delivery challenges. For instance, successful desktop Virtualization is a crucial factor that will compel IT enterprises to support a significant increase in delay sensitive WAN traffic. In order to aid this situation service providers specializing in RDP remote access have introduced WAN optimization controllers with multiple features, that helps in: </p><p> Minimizing the remote application response times by up to 95% </p><p> Minimizing the network bandwidth utilization by up to 95% </p><p> Is purpose-built to bring down the impact of network congestion, latency and packet loss that combines to significantly slow end-user response times </p><p> The Application-specific WAN optimization blueprints and specific protocol optimization helps in reducing redundant, chatty protocol traffic </p><p> Stream-based differencing averts transmission of content already in the local data store and the compression techniques minimizes the amount of data on the wire </p><p> Is available in hardware and virtual appliance form factors, that helps to achieve ROI within a less time frame </p><p> Supports 50% more speeded up connections </p><p> The virtual appliances make use of minimal system resource, can stay with other applications and scale linearly with the addition of CPU cores, memory and disks </p><p> Helps in easier management of virtual and physical deployment, transparent addressing, statistical performance dashboard and auto discovery </p><p> Offers centralized provisioning and management by incorporating with Virtualization management systems </p><p> Furthermore, advanced WAN optimization controllers make use of a combination of application acceleration, packet compression, network acceleration, protocol optimization and caching to speed up the applications and minimize the expense of delivering applications across wide area networks. </p><p> Also read about : Server Load Balancing </p><p></p></li></ul>