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DESCRIPTION Get the proper information you need in building a new website for your Real Estate business or office.


<ul><li>1.the real estate website online marke0ng | websites | social mediaTECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12</li></ul> <p>2. realtor training blogZillow &amp; Trulia Prole setup videosSocial Media Prole setup videosTHE ONLINE MARKETING PLAN FOR REALTORSmore training coming soon.......TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 3. george cuevas former realtor tech geek trying to make sense of online marke0ng for realtors TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 4. you can download it from the Realtor Training Blogthe real estate website should be just one part of your overall online planrst ques0on about gePng your website: What is the purpose of it? TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 5. where do realtor buyer/seller leadscome from?YOUR DATABASE (sphere of influence)COLD LEAD (advertising, mass mailing, etc)ONLINE - INTERNET (social media, websites, etc...) TECHNOLOGYTECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 6. three undeniable truths about eective marketing campaigns need an OBJECTIVE - GOAL. plus, they are set with a Start &amp; End Point. campaigns should run Consistent and Repetitious. (marketing never sleeps) return on investment (ROI): campaigns must be measured and analyzed for cost vs. eectiveness. TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 7. real estate websites - the purpose: IT SHOULD BE AN INFORMATION SOURCE1. FIRST: ask yourself WHO is your AUDIENCE / TARGET CLIENT. This is who the website designed for? BUYERS - SELLERS - SHORT SALES - ETC...a. IDX - PROPERTY SEARCH (buyers tool)b. BUYERS INFO (mortgage calculator, school info, how-to guides)c. SELLERS INFO (marketing plans for selling a homeowners property)d. CLIENT RECOMMENDATIONS (your Zillow - Trulia - Yelp reviews)e. INFO ON YOU (your story, pictures, your video, etc...)f.COMMUNITY INFO (restaurants, schools, parks, activities, etc...)g. BLOG (your way to communicate information in an SEO friendly way)TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 8. real estate websites...WHERE DO I START?Ask yourself the basic questions...1. WEBSITE COSTS? (yearly, monthly, update maintenance costs)2. ABILITY TO CHANGE/UPDATE THE WEBSITE?3. KEEPING YOUR WEBSITE UP WITH TECH ADVANCES?4. ABILITY TO GET A NEW LOOK TO YOUR WEBSITE EVERY2-3 YEARS? (MAKE-OVER)5. AVAILABILITY OF TECH PROFESSIONALS TO WORK ONYOUR WEBSITE?6. FUNCTIONALITY? SEO Friendly? Navigation,Video, etc...7. LONG LIFE SPAN / LONGEVITYTECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 9. it comes down to the website platform....1. website platforms are like the difference between DVDand BLUE RAY player. a website platform is like a format.2. my answer for Realtors is Wordpress as the platform ofchoice for a real estate website.3. Wordpress is nothing more than a website platform tobuild your next site on.4. Wordpress is a logical choice because of...a. COST: its affordable/cheap.b. LIFESPAN: easy and affordable to update style/lookswithout losing SEO.c. STYLE: many attractive themes are available.TECHNOLOGY wordpressTuesday, June 19, 12 10. why wordpress? 1. its SEO friendly by its very nature. 2. its used today by millions of people/businesses for websites and blogging. (its not going out of style, out of date anytime soon). 3. there are 1000s of developers who work on it (this means that nding people to work on it is not difcult) 4. because its open-source software (FREE) developers are constantly keeping it up to date with security and technology features. 5. MOST IMPORTANT: its cheap, it can be made to look great, and IDX works with it easily. (most IDX feeds are Wordpress compatible).TECHNOLOGY wordpressTuesday, June 19, 12 11. wordpress website - ownership &amp; costs.......with Wordpress you own your own site. (you should!!!)Your costs should only be the following...a. development/production costs to build the actual site.b. yearly web hosting costs (avg. $55 - $75/year)c. IDX, you get it directly from a IDX Provider(eliminate the IDX middleman.)d. updating/maintenance costs (vary depending on theupdates)TECHNOLOGY wordpressTuesday, June 19, 12 12. IDX1. Buy it directly from an IDX provider. Avoid IDXResellers for saving money.Diverse Solutions, or, IDX Broker2. If your local board offers it, get it from them if its costeffective.3. IDX charges vary depending on your local board butaverage $30 - $50 month for an Agent Package.4. Most IDX Feeds are compatible with Wordpress, or canbe made to work with Wordpress.5. Analyze your current IDX setup and costs.TECHNOLOGY IDXTuesday, June 19, 12 13. TOTAL INVESTMENT Monthly Fee Website Service 1 Year = $600 $50/month | $600/year | Plus 2 Years = $1200 any set up fees. 3 Years = $1800 Agent Redened Website 1 Year = $1480 $1000 Final | Plus, $55/year after year 1 for web hosting. 2 Years w/IDX $2010 No Set-Up Fees3 Years w/IDX $2070 TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 14. TOTAL INVESTMENT Monthly Fee Website Service 1 Year = $600 After 3 Years: $1800.00 2 Years = $1200 (set up fees not gured)3 Years = $1800 Agent Redened Website1 Year = $1480 After 3 Years: $2070.00 2 Years w/IDX $2010 (maintenance not gured)3 Years w/IDX $2070 TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 15. wordpress for real estate... basically a wordpress website used for real estate is a smart choice because of costs, longevity, functionality, and style TECHNOLOGY wordpressTuesday, June 19, 12 16. see my work at TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 17. searching for the site you want?show me a site you like, we may be able tond a wordpress theme very similar to it. most wordpress themes can becustomized to real estate.TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 18. rening your YouTube Channelyour YouTube channel is and can be an extension of your website &amp; brand.content produced here will go to your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest accounts, etc...building up videos on your YouTube channel is an ongoing process. there is no end. so dont worry about only having 1 or 2 videos to start with. USHomeTours TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 19. rening your YouTube Channelstart with your property andinformational videos and getviewers.update your channel page toenhance your image/brand.videos are easy to add to anyWordPress site on any page orblog post!!!remember who your audience&amp; target market is whencreating videogoto tosee more examples. TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 20. YouTube Channel Categories for Real EstateProperty For SaleBuyers InfoSellers InfoCommunity InfoShort Sale InfoYOU &amp; your Intro Videos TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 21. video training for realtorsget info from my RealtorTraining Blog.more free trainingcoming soon to the blogon video.have me train you andyour ofce at yourlocation. TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 22. linking your professional proles website to prole prole to website your proles should be part of yourreal estate website. all of your proles should connectback to your website. prole badges should be part ofyour Email Signature &amp; even SomePrint Campaigns. get more info at Realtor TrainingBlogTECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 23. linking your professional proleswebsite to prole - WordPress BLOGprole to websitethe combination of using your blog with your social media proles now can become a powerful tool.facbook, twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, are vehicles for your blog content. your blog content also helps you increase your SEO for your website.useful information is valuable to your clients. TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 24. co-branding with Zillow and/or Trulia direct links from your website, email signature, marketing pieces can go directly to Zillow/Trulia. links can be made to your online proles.links can be made to search for properties and keeping your information connected to the viewers search. TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 25. sizes for851px prole 315px pictureYou can place your wordpress website, or any pagein it directly into your facebook fan page.Costs around $200 - $250 depending the job.Adding additional tabs: You can place your YouTubeChannel on your facebook fan page using Involver App. TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 26. QUESTIONS???MY CONTACT INFO george cuevas george@agentredened.com312.320.8274 TECHNOLOGYTuesday, June 19, 12 </p>


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