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This presentation is part of a project for a class I am participating in at FSU's college of Inormation. It is designed to encourage administrators and educators to consider atdding gaming to the school curriculum.


  • 1. Reading, Writing, & Playing Kari K. Eliason

2. If there is a crisis in todays schools, it probably has more to do with students perceptions that school is boring and largely irrelevant to preparation for life outside school (Howe & Strauss,2006). 3. Digital Natives are young people born during the mid-eightiesand after : 4. Digital Natives dont lookat computers as technology 5. Like to work in teams 6. Want activities that include experimentation& structure 7. Dont think there is enough technologyin school 8. Why Game? 9. Video games developspatial reasoning & interface literacy. 10. Surgeons who played video games forthree hours a week performed 27 percent faster and made 37 percent fewer errors than those who didntplay video games (Neiburger , 2007). 11. Learning isnt about memorizing isolated facts. Its about connecting and manipulating them. 12. Kids often say it doesnt feel likelearning, when they aregaming, theyre too focused on playing. 13. If kids said that about a science lesson , our countrys education problems would be over (Gee,2003). 14. Generation FIT (Fitness, Integration, and Training is a program with 200 West Virginia schools participating. The purpose is to include daily fitness in school routines where budget cuts have eliminated gym classes. The program incorporates the use of the game Dance Dance Revolution (OHanlon,2007). 15. FIT creator Judy Shasek states, Schools that have implemented Generation FIT report: an increase in student participation a drop in absenteeism a positive change in general attitude an increase in motor skills and coordination (OHanlon,2007, para.23). 16. Clark and Ernst (2009) explain that scientists look at gaming as a way to engage students in learning on their own. 17. The Federation of American Scientists which often is involved in matters concerning nuclear weaponry and government secrecy indicate that they believe gaming could redefine education. 18. The River City Project, funded by the National Science Foundation is a simulation game that places heavy emphasis on mathThis is a screen shot from the River and scienceCity Project webpage: principles.project/ 19. When seventh grade students played they became innovative and solved problems at a high level (OHanlon, 2007). 20. Gaming has the ability to make learning fun for most students and increase their motivation, especially those at risk of dropping out of school(Clark & Ernst, 2009, p.23). 21. Video Games Stimulate and Simulate 22. EngageEnrichIlluminate 23. Created by Kari K. Eliason Future Gamer 24. ReferencesClark, A.C.& Ernst,J.V. (2009, February). Gaming in technology education. The Technology Teacher, (68)5,21-26. Retrieved March 14, 2009 from Gale database: http://find.galegroup.comGee, J. (2003, May). High score education: games, not school, are teaching kids to think. Wired, 11(5). Retrieved April 5, 2009 from http://www.wired.coHowe, N., & Strauss,W. (2006). Millennials and the pop culture. Great Falls, VA: Life Course Associates.OHanlon, C. (2007). Eat breakfast, drink milk, play Xbox: the daily recipe for students health and fitness is taking on a new ingredient long thought to be poison: video games. Technological Horizons in Education, 34(4), 34-35.Neiburger, E. (2007, July). Games in the library? Video games supportthe curriculum and develop a new form of literacy. Business & Company Resource Center, 53(7), 28-29. Retrieved April 1, 2009, from Gale. http:// 25. quot;Attack Of The Old Joysticksquot; by NeurowaxxPhotos from Flickr Video Controller by Flickr userStudent in Class by Flickr User foundphotosljPlugged In by Flickr User SkipSteuartSurgeons by Flickr User Badly Drawn DadA shelf full of video games by Flickr User CantonPublicLibrary Video Games Live Tour- Mario by Flickr User GogDog ddr - dance dance revolution by Flickr User Homer Library Clipart from MicrosoftSoundquot;Attack Of The Old Joysticksquot; by Neurowaxx from