reading with your child help them to get the speedwell reading challenge!

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Reading with your child Help them to get the Speedwell Reading Challenge! Slide 2 Sharing books does not just mean reading together. Sharing books means; A cosy cuddle. Lots of talking. Learning to choose. Gaining confidence Laughing together. and learning to read Slide 3 A cosy cuddle It is important that you are both in the mood to share a book together. Sharing books should be something to look forward to it should not be a task which you feel you have to do. Slide 4 Sharing a book is a great opportunity to talk together. Talk about the cover of the book, the pictures, what kind of book it is and guess what might happen. Lots of talking Slide 5 Why did you choose this book? Dont worry about how easy or difficult it is discover what made it special. Perhaps the cover looked interesting, but the story is not so good after all. What will you choose next time? Learning to choose Slide 6 Everyone needs confidence. Children try things out for themselves, they need your support in order to succeed. Praise and encourage all the successes, but do not worry about mistakes. Gaining confidence Slide 7 Fun things are much easier to learn. Laughing together can help overcome difficulties and mistakes but dont laugh at the mistakes. Bring stories to life with funny voices your child will love listening! Laughing together Slide 8 Read to your child as often as possible even when they read well. Talk about the story. Encourage your child to read different material, like newspapers, magazines, comics, adverts Learning to read Slide 9 The Speedwell Reading Challenge Each time you read with your child at home please write your name in their Home School reading record book. You could add a comment about how well they read. You could add a sticker or a star or a smiley face to encourage your child. When your child has read 30 times at home they get a prize from Mrs Hicks or Mrs Ridsdale. Their name is written in the special book which is displayed in the entrance hall. Their photograph is taken in Gold Award assembly. At the end of the year all children that have achieved the challenge are entered into a prize draw. Please help your child to learn to read.