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Reading Strategies Using New McGraw-Hill Haitian-Creole Collection Mrs. Emma Caris François Curriculum Support Specialist Department of Bilingual Education and World Languages November 8 th , 2016

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Reading Strategies Using New McGraw-Hill Haitian-Creole Collection

Mrs. Emma Caris Franois Curriculum Support Specialist

Department of Bilingual Education and World Languages

November 8th, 2016


Debriefing What does research say?

6 scientific principles Every teacher should know Five Highly Effective Teaching Practice

Services throughout the school year Name Game: What is the Genre? HCLA Assessments Framework of Effective Instruction Instructional Framework For Haitian-Creole Home

Language Arts: K-2 and 3-5 Collaborative Planning and Presentation

What Does Research say? Six Scientific Principles every teacher should know

1. Students learn new ideas by relating them to what they already know, and then transferring them into their long-term memory.

2. Students remember information better when they are given many opportunities to practice retrieving it from their long-term memories and think about its meaning.

3. Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills are developed through feedback and depend heavily upon background knowledge.

4. For students to transfer their abilities to new situations, they need to deeply understand both the problem's structure and context.

5. Student motivation depends on a variety of social and psychological factors.

6. Misconceptions about learning, while prevalent in education, shouldn't determine how curricula are designed or how instruction is provided.

Five Highly Effective Teaching Practices by Rebecca Alber

Teacher Clarity Classroom



Formative Assessment

Metacognitive Strategies

How do you already bring these five classroom practices alive in your classroom?

Five Highly Effective Teaching Practices By Rebeca Alber


Curriculum Content in the Home Language

There is evidence that ESOL levels I and II students are receiving Curriculum Content in the Home Language (CCHL) services during mathematics and/or science during the same schedule time as their peers.

Curriculum Content in the Home Language

Mathematics Science

Social Studies

Curriculum Content in Home Language Why CCHL?

Using the mother tongue in early education leads to a better understanding of the curriculum content and to a more positive attitude towards school.


Learning does not begin in school; it starts at home in the learners home language

By using learners home language, they are more likely to engage in the learning process.

Smooth transition between home and school

Teaching in the home language enables more flexibility, innovation and creativity in teacher preparation

Learners get more involved in the learning process and speeds up the development of basic literacy skills

Teaching in the home language leads to a better educational outcome

Prof. Angelica Kioko: Why schools should teach young learners in home language

5 Es in Mathematics







Students become mentally engage in a concept, process or skilled to be learned.


Students identify and develop concepts, processes and skills. They actively explore their environment or manipulate materials.


Students verbalize their understanding or demonstrate new skills or behaviours they have learned. Teachers introduce formal terms, definition etc.


This phase extends students conceptual and allows them to practice skills and behaviours. Through new experiences, students develop a deeper understanding.


This phase engages learners to assess their ability and understanding. It also allows teachers to evaluate students understanding of key concepts.

Break time

Haitian-Creole Language Arts (HCLA)

Haitian Creole speaking ELs should be scheduled for HCLA following the recommended District guidelines:

Sixty (60) minutes two times a week, with an additional thirty (30) minutes a third day for a total of 150 minutes weekly; or

Fifty (50) minutes three times-a-week. Exception to the above schedule is to be made when schools have less than 15 students.


Grades K-1 World Language is not funded for grades K-1.

Grades 2 through 5 (Required) Allocations for World Languages for non-ELs are based on student enrollment;

therefore, Elementary School Academic Program (ESAP) must reflect participation in the language.

World Languages programs should be scheduled following the recommended District guidelines: Sixty (60) minutes two times a week, with an additional thirty (30) minutes a third day for

a total of 150 minutes weekly; or Fifty (50) minutes three times-a-week.

Grades K through 5 ELs (Required) ELs in grades K-5 receive their World Language Spanish through the 6630

Spanish teachers. Time requirement is the same as above.


(HLAP) PROCEDURES Allocation of personnel is based on 15 or more ELs of a given language background

(i.e. Spanish.) Schools may be entitled to an additional paraprofessional for 15 or more ELs of

another language (i.e. Haitian-Creole, Russian, French.) All schools meeting criteria requirements must offer the program. Paraprofessionals assigned to this program are expected to assist ELs using their

home language in the core subject areas of mathematics, science, social sciences and computer literacy.

HLAP is available to ESOL levels 1-4 students. Tutoring logs indicating services provided are to be kept in a secure place at the

school by the administrator in charge of supervising the program for five years in case of an audit. The logs must be available for auditors to review if the school is selected for an ESOL audit. The HLAP paraprofessionals must be utilized to provide tutoring services exclusively to ELs. HLAP personnel may not be used as substitutes or for any alternative instructional assignment.

HLAP services may not be provided to students during ESOL classes.

Books are divided into

two main categories:

Fiction and Nonfiction

Fiction A made up story

Can tell about things that could happen

Is read for fun

Characters may be like real people or imaginary

Nonfiction Has facts that can be checked

and proven

The author is an expert on this information

Is read to gain information on a subject

It is TRUE

What is a genre?

A genre is a type of literary work identified by its design or purpose.

Reading Genres

Ann Jwe!

Ki kalite Istwa sa ye?


Yon istwa ki genyen eleman ki enposib tankou zannimo k ap pale ousinon pouvwa majik.

Fiksyon Reyalis

Yon istwa ki itilize pesonaj ki pa vr, men bagay ki ka pase tout bon vre

Mist Yon istwa konsnan

yon evenman misterye ki pa rezoud anvan l pran fen

Fiksyon Istorik

Yon istwa ki pase nan yon tan patikilye nan pase. Souvan anviwnman konn vr,men psonaj yo se imajinasyon ot a.

Literati Tradisyonl

Istwa yon gwoup moun rakonte yon lt gwoup moun. Se istwa tankou lejann, kont popil ak mit ki soti nan yon kilti diferan.

Syans Fiksyon

Yon kalite fantezi ki itilize syans ak teknoloji (wobo, machin etc.)

Istwa ki bay Enfmasyon

Tks ki bay f konsnan plizy topik tankou esp, zannimo, syans, istwa, kary, vwayaj, jeyografi, espas, tanperati


Istwa lavi reyl yon moun yon lt moun ekri


Yon moun ki ekri istwa lavi li.


Koupl ki ekri pou kreye yon repons sou panse ak santiman ki sti nan lekt a. Anpil fwa yo ritme. Posters/Fantasy.jpg Posters/RF.jpg Posters/Mystery.jpg Posters/HF.jpg Posters/TL.jpg Posters/SF.jpg Posters/Informational.jpg Posters/Biogrpahy.jpg Posters/Auto.jpg Posters/Poetry.jpg


Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly quizzes

Monthly Assessments

Mid-Year Assessment: January

End-of-Year-Assessment: May

Writing Assessments: 4th Grade

READING STRATEGIES Estrateji pou Lekti

Thinking About How You Read

The Reading Strategies There are seven reading strategies.

Make Connections- F Koneksyon

Ask Questions- Poze Kesyon

Determine Importance- Detmine enptans

Infer and Predict- Enferans ak prediksyon

Visualize- Vizyalize

Synthesize- Sentetize

Use Fix Up Strategies- Itilize estrateji pou f koneksyon


Wout Ray yo

Papa manman





Pon pyeton

Pon Jed



Pwomnad Long Lan

Yon Lejann Reyalis

Chapit yo: 1- Pwoblm Jed la

2- yon Defi 3- Viktwa Jed la

Li tou mache ak: Thomas, Mons Dezd lan

Kesyon Esansyl: Kijan moun yo f rive rezoud pwoblm zn nan?










The Gallery Walk Definisyon



Sa ki pa egzanp Yon mo



More Vocabulary Activities

Graffiti Vocabulary: Words in Bubble letters, define words using own term, at least 3 images representing the term, all white space must be colored.

Wordsplash: Write words from story vertically and horizontally. Main words appear bigger

Essential Prefix Vocabulary Cartoon: word, phonetic spelling,

brief description, linking word, cartoon, sentence Crossword puzzle

Pwomnad Long Lan

Chapit 1: Pwoblm Jed la

Chapit 2: Yon Defi

Chapit 3: Viktwa Jed la

Chapit 1:Li, Kanpe epi verifye

Ki tit premye chapit la? ___________________________________________________________

Konbyen paragraf ki genyen nan premye chapit la? ____________________________________________________________

Ki psonaj ou rankontre nan chapit sa? ____________________________________________________________

Ki problm Jed te santi l genyen nan kmansman istwa? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Poukisa Jed te vle yo bati yon pon pou pyeton nan vil la?


Chapit 2: Li, kanpe epi verifye

Poukisa Jed te chwazi pale ak moun yo malgre li te estrese?

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kouman rezilta vot yo te soti epi kils ki ede Jed

genyen sa l te bezwen an? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Chapit 3: Li, kanpe epi verifye

Ki twa bagay ki te f Jed kontan anpil nan fen istwa? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Poukisa pwofes a te itilize sa Jed te f a km yon egzanp pou l montre

kouman yo rezoud pwoblm? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tm Poetik

Aliterasyon: Yon gwoup mo ki kmanse ak menm konsn andedan nan yon fraz

Egzanp: Vakans vle vanse vini byen vit.

V lib: Repetisyon menm son nan fen de ousinon twa mo nan yon fraz.


Istwa Jou Remsiman

Kouvri istwa sa a 21 ak 22 novanm.

Si pwofes a kouvri 2 lekl, l ap chwazi yon jou apwopriye pou kouvri istwa a.

Teach it!

Play it

Quiz it !

Reward it !

Istwa Jou Remsiman

Kouvri istwa sa a 21 ak 22 novanm.

Se dnye istwa nan Exemplar Text yo.

Si pwofes a kouvri 2 lekl, l ap chwazi yon jou apwopriye pou kouvri istwa.


P u S H



Instructional Framework For Haitian-Creole Language Arts

Daily Instructional Framework

InSync Review

Learning how to search for a resource

Explore what a resource look like

Looked at the features of each resources

Added resources to my favorite

Bonus: Join InSync Training group for the opportunity to earn points

Kahoot: Make Learning Awsome

Lets Move toward the 21st Century Principles




Critical Thinking

Group Activities

Jadendanfan: Kri Nan Fm Yo (11/7-11/18) Premye Ane: Ekiry yo Ede (11/7-11/11) Dezym Ane: Fanmi Zannimo yo (11/7-11/11) Twazym Ane: Pwomnad Long Lan Istwa Jou Remsiman (11/7-11/22) Katriym Ane: Blewo ak Evantay la (11/7-11/18) Senkym Ane: Mwen Vle Monte Cheval Istwa Jou Remsiman (11/07-11/22)

Bilingual Directors, Supervisors and Curriculum Support Specialist for Elementary

Mrs. Brito, Melba Administrative Director Mrs. Ugalde, Rosa Excutive Director Mrs. Gutierez, Ana Administrative Director Mr. Innocent, Deland Supervisor Mrs. Plasencia, Alina Supervisor Mrs. Abady, Mercy Supervisor

Mrs. Franois, Emma Caris Curriculum Support Specialist Mrs. Russell, Randi Curriculum Support Specilist Mrs. Stieve, Gioconda Curriculum Support Specialist Mrs. Romeo, Christina Curriculum Support Specialist