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  • 1. Reading RolandBarthes:The hardest one of the bunch!Monday, October 3, 11

2. Studium andPunctumMonday, October 3, 11 3. To recognize the studium is inevitably to encounter thephotographers intentions... whichallows me to discover theOperator (27-28)Monday, October 3, 11 4. The second element will break (orpunctuate) the studium... I shalltherefore call punctum; forpunctum is also: sting, speck, little holeand also a cast of the dice. A photographs punctum is thataccident which pricks me (also bruises me, is poignant to me) (26-27).Monday, October 3, 11 5. Monday, October 3, 11 6. Since every photograph is contingent (and therefore outside of meaning), Photography cannot signify... except by assuming a mask... what makes a face into the product of a society and its history (34).Monday, October 3, 11 7. Monday, October 3, 11