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The Guide to the Reading CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival held in Reading UK during early May 2013


<ul><li><p>BEER, C</p><p>IDER</p><p>AND WINE LIS</p><p>TS</p><p>INSID</p><p>E!Official Media Sponsor</p><p>Festival Programme1 where sold</p><p>Over 550 Real Ales150 Ciders &amp; Perries</p><p>Foreign BeersGreat British Wines</p><p>Live Music</p><p>Publicity Material Sponsor</p><p>Thursday 2nd May to Sunday 5th MayKings Meadow, Napier Road, Reading RG1 8BN</p><p>Thursday 2nd May to Sunday 5th MayKings Meadow, Napier Road, Reading RG1 8BN</p></li><li><p>On behalf of the 500ish unpaid volunteers ittakes to organise and run this beer festival- welcome to the 19th Reading and MidBerks CAMRA Real Ale and Cider Festival.</p><p>We are showcasing a huge range of real ales,ciders and perries, and a choice of foreign beersand British wines - hopefully something to suitevery palate. There are live bands throughout Fri-day and Saturday, Morris dancers, childrens enter-tainers on Sunday, and traditional pub gameskeeping you amused while choosing your nextdrink.</p><p>We have had to make changes to the layout forthis year. You may have already noticed thechange to one big tent. This has been due to amove to (slightly) higher ground. The Thamesnearly flooded us out last year; we ordered nicerweather this year but nothing is guaranteed. Thereis a handy map of the new layout showing thetoilets, food etc. in this programme. Please ask ourfriendly stewards if you need any help.</p><p>Other major changes this year have been the introduction of advanced tickets and sessions. The biggest complaints we had in the past werethe lack of advanced tickets and the long queues,which had routinely reached 3 hours. Hence advanced tickets. So why sessions? Advance tickets guarantee entry so we hold your placeopen until you arrive which could be 9 pm. Wecould then be 1 in 1 out, but with half the siteempty which would make the queues worse. Soadvanced tickets make the introduction of ses-sions necessary. </p><p>I realise these will not be universally popular buthope you understand their necessity. The changeswont solve all the problems in one year, but weare keeping this under review.</p><p>I also want to take the chance to point out thatthere is no glasses refund this year. It sounds daft,but to put in the necessary industrial glass wash-ers actually costs us more than just giving theglasses away. So thats what we have done.</p><p>So explanations aside, I take great pleasure inmy first year as Organiser to welcome you to our</p><p>Beer Festival. I hope you enjoy it as much as weenjoy working at it. But its not just about this fes-tival. Pubs are shutting at an alarming rate. Pleasejoin us in saving these bastions of British cultureand community life. Its easy to do just visityour local next week, then the week after..</p><p>Cheers</p><p>Dave ScottFestival Organiser</p><p>19th Reading CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 3</p><p>Welcome</p><p>ContentsWelcome 3</p><p>Entertainment 4-5</p><p>British Beer List 8-34</p><p>Site Plan 35</p><p>Our Sponsors 37</p><p>Food &amp; Stalls 38</p><p>Cider &amp; Perry 41-47</p><p>Wine and Mead List 50-53</p><p>Foreign Beer List 55-61</p><p>Join CAMRA 62</p></li><li><p>4 19th Reading CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival</p><p>Every DayA selection of traditional pub games will be available to play including long alley skittles, tablefootball, table skittles, shut the box and toad inthe hole. A range of prizes will be available for thechampions. If you're feeling lucky, visit the "LuckyPlucker" tombola for the opportunity to win awide range of beer and pub oriented prizes plussome quirky stuff and soft toys, together withnovelty hats. And have you ever wondered justwhat can you make out of balloons - a bracelet,an animal or the tallest piece of headgear you'llever wear? Just watch Balloon Platoon, the mas-ters of balloon sculpture, who will be making theirway around the site.</p><p>Friday Music (Daytime)11.30am - Pedro RuizPedro Ruiz is originally fromGran Canaria (Spain) and stud-ied music in Barcelona (Gradesin Classical Music and ModernJazz Music) on Saxophone, </p><p>Classical guitar, Double bass and Operatic.</p><p>12.15pm - NewtownersAn authentic string bandflavour of down-home Ap-palachian music. Well noted forstrong vocals in classic coversand Irish traditional.</p><p>1pm - Russell AlsopRussell is a producer, musician, singer, songwriterwhose musical experiences range for club DJing torunning a 32 piece orchestra.</p><p>1.45pm - Long Walk HomeA two piece band based in Aldershot - vocals andguitar. Playing a variety of genres that cover all ofyour favourite songs, to the weird and wonderfulthat you will love to sing along to! </p><p>2.30pm - Chris BealesSong-writer and musician fromReading. Lead singer andrhythm guitarist of the rockband Static Rain. Blues-rock isone side to his music, which</p><p>ranges from the light to dark.</p><p>Friday Music (Evening)Your compere for the evening: Damien Passmore</p><p>5.30pm - Retreat SingersThe Retreat Singers are a funloving female band with astrong emphasis on closeharmony a cappella singing.Drawing from their individualrich musical traditions of Gospel, Americana, Jazz,Scottish, Irish and English Folk, they create aunique eclectic sound, celebrating their unity andindividuality. </p><p>6.30pm - Dolly and theClothes PegsA range of their own songs,traditional tunes, classiccountry and reworked popcovers, fronted with gor-geous harmonies and ac-</p><p>companied by a whole lot of whoopin' andhollerin'.</p></li><li><p>Entertainment and Games</p><p>7.45pm - 3 Buck ShirtJason Manners has been on the local and nationalblues scene for years. His mastery of the guitarspans upbeat electric rock-blues and boogiewoo-gie to soulful, spiritual country blues standards.</p><p>9pm - LeatheratDelivering the raw adrenalinof rock music, fused with theintricacies of traditional folktunes, Leatherat have playedover 350 concerts around </p><p>Europe, even supporting the mighty Quo in 2010!</p><p>Saturday Music (Daytime)11.30am - Zarand SchullerMulti-ethnic, multi-lingual and a multi instrumen-talist.</p><p>12.15pm - Rebecca LambertSinger/songwriter from Reading.Her influences include CarlySimon, The Cranberries, Adele,The Beatles, Oasis and Lily Allento name but a few.</p><p>1pm - Rob SowdenIn addition to writing and performing his "ownwork", he provides music therapy to children whohave learning difficulties or disabilities. He alsonurtures the fledging talent of the Reading areathrough his Bohemian Night "open-mics" at DejaVu.</p><p>1.45pm - Jason HendrixReading-based Jason plays Hendrix and other covers in the same vein.</p><p>2.30pm - Tom Attah and Katie BradleyTom is the modern, living bluesman. Taking themusic from the past and carrying it into the fu-ture, Tom has stories to tell and songs to play.Special guest, Katie Bradley has a voice of genuinewarmth and personality, which goes beyond sim-ple technical ability.</p><p>3.30pm - Andy RavenRagged urban folk blown in from the gutters ofthe Oxford Road. The Andy Raven Band snaps at</p><p>the heels of the city, splashes in the pools ofstreetlamps and worries empty fairgrounddodgems. 'We won't be playing your music on ourshow - BBC Radio 3'</p><p>Saturday Music (Evening)Your compere for the evening: Rob Sowden</p><p>6.30pm - Fruitful EarthA trio based in Deptford,playing British Rock n Roll.Highly acclaimed by the likesof Mojo magazine, The Wordand The Observer.</p><p>7.45pm - Oye SantanaThe superb guitar wizardryof Milan Carlos Webb. Thekeyboard mastery of GezKahan. The astonishing vo-cals of Hector Gomez. Themulti-instrumental talents of Barry Caws plus arhythm section with more groove than you couldshake a pair of maracas at.</p><p>9pm - SwallowOur very own Diane "MistressMercy" Fox with Jane "Jet-black" Setter. A Readingbased covers band that playLed Zeppelin, Deep Purple,</p><p>Blondie, UFO and many more, bringing rock clas-sics to life! Their motto? "We just like to ROCK!!!"</p><p>SundaySunday at the festival has traditionally been afamily friendly day allowing parents with young orteenage children (under legal drinking age) toenjoy the event in a more relaxed, family orientedenvironment. For the youngsters, there's a wholehost of fun, activities and competitions in ourspecial "Half-pints" area (all children must be accompanied by an adult). You can visit the face-painting stall for a truly outrageousmakeover (also available Saturday). And, while not confirmed at the time of printing, we hope tohave the popular Hook Norton shire horses withus again.</p><p>19th Reading CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 5</p></li><li><p>6 19th Reading CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival</p><p>Beers Of Exceptional CharacterVisit our Brewery Shop for Bottles and takeawaydraught beers in a range of sizes, and other gifts.</p><p>The Flour Barn, Frilsham Home Farm Business Units,Yattendon RG18 0XT Tel: 01635202968 </p><p></p><p>NEW BOTTLEDBEERS FOR 2013</p></li><li><p>8 19th Reading CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival</p><p>The festival will feature over 550 beersofvarying strengths and styles from all overEngland, Wales and Scotland. All beers will beavailable from opening time providing the cellarstaff are satisfied that they are ready to serve.Some may take longer to clear so will come onlater in the festival. </p><p>The further growth in the cask ale market overthe last year has resulted in a significant rise inthe number of breweries in the UK and this is reflected in this years beer list with beers fromaround 60 breweries that have opened since thestart of 2012. We have not, however, overlookedmore established breweries and are featuring acouple dating back to the 18th century! Localbreweries within a 30 mile radius of KingsMeadow will all be featured on a separate LocAle bar to highlight Reading CAMRAs LocAlescheme. </p><p>The tasting notes include a guide to the colourof the beers. Although we have done our best withthese the programme had to go to the printersbefore we had any beer at the festival. As a resultthere may be mislabelled beers in this list. If youwant to check the colour of a beer please look atthe cask end labels as these were updated wherenecessary after the beer arrived.</p><p>Pale in the programme (or a yellow pint on thecask end labels) means the beer is pale in colour,including golden, straw and blonde beers.</p><p>Amber in the programme (or an orange/brownpint on the cask end labels) means the beer isamber in colour, including brown, red and rubybeers.</p><p>Dark in the programme (or a very dark brownpint on the cask end labels) means the beer isvery dark, including dark brown, dark ruby andblack beers.</p><p>Speciality in the programme (or a blue pint onthe cask end labels) means the beer is made witha significant amount of wheat or contains fruit(s),spice(s) or honey. The beer could be light or dark.</p><p>Acknowledgements and thanksAcknowledgements and thanks are due to the fol-lowing :- Melissa Reed, David Browne and JodyOates for their assistance in choosing and order-ing the beers and obtaining tasting notes. Ourwholesalers, Mary Dade at Boggart Hole CloughDistribution in Manchester, Rob Shieldon at BeerMy Guest in Burton, Staffordshire, Rob Brady atGood Beer in Stroud, Gloucestershire, BusterGrant and Duncan Ward at Brecon Brewery, ArthurFrampton and Holly at Avalon Wholesale in Som-erset, Paul Fletcher at Small Beer in Lincoln, KerryHartley at Dark Star Brewery in Sussex, GreatHeck Brewery in North Yorkshire and all the otherbreweries who have delivered their beer them-selves. </p><p>Rick Pickup from Blackpool for his indispensablewebsite aka The Directoryof UK Real Ale Breweries. Most of the brewerystart dates have been obtained from Quaffale. </p><p>CheersAllan Conner </p><p>Beer Order co-ordinator</p><p>The British Beer List</p></li><li><p>LocAle BeersAdkin Wantage, Oxfordshire 2007</p><p>Alfred's Honey Mild 3.2%A traditional dark Mild , with added Brightwell Bees Honey</p><p>Alfred's Citra 4.0%A single hop ale made with Citra.</p><p>Alfred's Marianka 4.0%A single hop ale made with Marynka.</p><p>Alfred's Jaypee's Stout 5.0%Brewed using finest English hops and five different malts</p><p>Andwell Andwell, Hampshire 2008Gold Muddler 3.9%</p><p>Golden blonde ale with fresh taste and citrus aroma.</p><p>King John 4.2%Rich amber beer with a fruity hoppyness.</p><p>Andwell Gold 4.4%Golden ale brewed with pale and caramalt malt.</p><p>Ruddy Darter 4.6%Rich ruby ale with a fruity aroma.</p><p>Appleford Appleford-on-Thames, Oxfordshire 2006Brightwell Gold 4.0%</p><p>A light, refreshing, golden ale made with wheat and Goldings hops, making it easy to drink and thirst quenching.</p><p>Power Station 4.2%A lighter copper coloured beer with a noticeably malty bitterness.</p><p>Ascot Ales Camberley, Surrey 2007Aureole Ale 3.3%</p><p>Golden in colour with citrusy aromas and flavour from theSummit hops. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of theQueen's reign.</p><p>On The Rails 3.8%Caramel and chocolate flavours from the malt and anaroma of pine and citrus from whole hop flowers.</p><p>Posh Pooch 4.2%A golden ale with a light bitter finish.</p><p>Alligator 4.6%American pale ale with a hoppy nose from the Cascade hops</p><p>Anastasias Exile Stout 5.0%Rich, dark with hints of chocolate and coffee.</p><p>Rhino Rye 5.0%A fruity amber rye ale.</p><p>Red IPA 5.5%Massively hopped IPA, with three times as many hops as anyof the other beers from the brewery.</p><p>19th Reading CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 9</p><p>CONTINUED OVERLEAF &gt;</p><p>LocAle Draught Beer List</p></li><li><p>Multi Hop 5.5%A beer festival special using 10 different hops.</p><p>Emperor Porter 7.0%Dark, rich with strong coffee and chocolate flavours.</p><p>Anastasia Russian Imperial Stout 8.0%This limited edition 'Imperial' version of the stout poursdeeply black with a tan head. Aromas of roasted coffee, alcohol and chocolate.</p><p>Aylesbury Brewhouse Aylesbury, Bucks 2011Beta 4.0%</p><p>A golden ale with a refreshing hoppy finish.</p><p>Spring Heeled Jack 4.2%A chestnut coloured ale - the stuff of legend! Brewed withfive grain varieties and hops from around the world.</p><p>Quark 4.3%Golden ale. Brewed with six hop flavours.</p><p>Bellingers Grove, Oxfordshire 2011Summer 3.7%</p><p>A light refreshing summer ale.</p><p>Original 4.1%A light and refreshing, easy drinking beer.</p><p>Best Bitter 4.7%Richer tasting, darker colour, longer fermentation, leadingto a more complex flavour.</p><p>Moonlight 5.0%Dark brown with chocolate bitterness giving way to a latesweetness.</p><p>Binghams Ruscombe, Berkshire 2010Smiled 3.4%</p><p>A dark smokey mild.</p><p>Twyford Tipple 3.7%An easy drinking tawny coloured bitter with a satisfyingmalty flavour and citrus hop finish.</p><p>Brickworks Bitter 4.2%A malty bitter with a hint of nuts.</p><p>Space Hoppy IPA 5.0%Pale golden ale. The hops impart a citrus flavour to makethis beer hugely refreshing.</p><p>Total Eclipse Black IPA 5.0%This black IPA has all the flavour of a dark beer, combinedwith the hoppiness usually associated with an IPA.</p><p>Ginger Doodle Stout 5.0%Doodle Stout with root ginger which provides a subtle gin-ger flavour and tempers the bitterness a little.</p><p>Honey Bee 5.0%A refreshing golden ale infused with honey.</p><p>10 19th Reading CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival</p><p>LocAle Draught Beer List</p></li><li><p>Botanist Richmond, Greater London 2011391 Brown Ale 4.0%</p><p>Brown ale brewed with a more generous than usual amountof chocolate malt and English hops for bittering.</p><p>OK Bitter 4.2%Celebrating the word OK which originated in Kew. Englishstyle bitter, hints of caramel, smooth tasting with a slightbitterness.</p><p>Queen Charlotte 5.2%A Kolsch style ale. The appearance is like a pilsner: palestraw-coloured and clear. </p><p>Butts Great Shefford, Berkshire 1994Jester 3.5%</p><p>A rich golden beer with a hint of fruitiness.</p><p>Traditional 4.0%A light and refre...</p></li></ul>