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Readiness Scorecard Market Readiness Series. Brandon McElfresh Nodal Readiness and Transition. April 29, 2010. Nodal Scorecard. Current Scores As of 4/29/2010. ERCOT Connectivity measure will be added after 5/4 NATF. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *Readiness Scorecard Market Readiness SeriesBrandon McElfresh Nodal Readiness and TransitionApril 29, 2010 *

  • *Nodal ScorecardCurrent ScoresAs of 4/29/2010

    ERCOT metrics for the these areas will light up in Market Trials Phase 5

    Only Network Model metric is N4 Single Entry ModelERCOT Connectivity measure will be added after 5/4 NATF *

  • *Metrics RoadmapPURPLEORANGETiming and Design ConfirmedTiming subject to change, design in progressMP15AMP16MP20MP3MP6MP11MP14CE9E1N2EMO9CRR3EMO6MO4MO5CO1CO2CO3CO4CO5CO6CO7CO8CO9C10E7E11E12EMO2EMO3EMO8MO3C1-C10EMO13 MO7CRR4E5IMM1R0R2R3MP15BMP3N1E3E10R1MP17EMO7EMO1 *

  • CRR Metrics *Active Phase 3 Metric

    Metric NameCurrent ScoreApplies toWeightGreen %Yellow %Red %Not Scored %Primary CriteriaNotesMarket Participant MetricsMP15-B CRR Connectivity QualificationGreenCRRAHsEven weighting95.45%0.0%4.55%0.0Successful submission CRR transactions63/66 CRRAHs qualified. CRR3 Operation of CRR Auctions and AllocationsGreenCRRAHsEven weighting95.2%0%0%4.8%Participation in at least one of the last two auctions or allocations. AMBER/RED scores light up 5/5/2010. 60/63 CRRAHs with adequate participation in March or April Auctions or AllocationsERCOT MetricsCRR3 Operation of CRR Auctions and Allocations5/5/2010ERCOTN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ACRR Auction results distributed to participants according to schedule defined in CRR Handbook Based on hitting 5/2 2010 Balance of year auction results to the market5/5/2010ERCOTN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AAllocated Revenue Rights in statistical sample = 100% accurateResults of Source/Sink prices / CRR Clearing prices report after 5/2 BOY auction clearsCO8 Verify CRR Auction Invoices5/5/2010 (Will be Green)ERCOTN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ACRR Auction Result for MPn CRR Auction Invoices for MPn = 0$For March, April, and May 2010 auctions, S&B validated that auction invoices accurately reflected data received from the CRR system at a CRRAH level.5/5/2010 (Will be Green)ERCOTN/A100%0%0%0%System Generated CRR Auction Invoices not posted = 0March 2010 Monthly = 40 of 40April 2010 Monthly = 38 of 38May 2010 Monthly = 48 of 48 *

  • Real-Time Metrics *Active Phase 3 and 4 Metrics

    Metric NameCurrent ScoreApplies toWeightGreen %Yellow %Red %Not Scored %Primary CriteriaNotesMarket Participant MetricsMP3 Market Submissions Connectivity QualificationGreenQSERsGeneration Ratio Share99.0%1.0%0.0%0.0%Successful submission of RT and DAM transactions81/84 QSERS Qualified (includes QSEs with Load Resources).GreenQSEsEven weighting96.7%.06%.05%2.2%176/182 QSEs qualified. Below 95% threshold for overall GREEN.MP15-A Real-time Market ParticipationGreenQSERsGeneration Ratio Share99.0%1.0%0.0%0.0%Weekly average of daily SCED submissions77/79 QSERs above 95% weekly average for SCED submissions. EMO6 Individual LFC TestingGreenQSERsGeneration Ratio Share91%0%0%9%80% of system-wide generation has completed individual QSE tests for LFC56/76 QSERs completed their individual LFC testERCOT MetricsMO4 Verify SCED Execution QualityGreenERCOTN/A100%0%0%0%All of the successful SCED executions passed the post-execution price validations for the given reporting period.4/6-4/19 period - 4,030 Price Validation runs with no rule violationsMO5 Generate 6 Months of LMPsGreenERCOTN/A98.1%.0%1.9%0%Greater than 95% of the SCED executions produced and posted LMPs for the given reporting period.4/6-4/19 period, 3,985 out of 4,063 SCED runs with LMP posted correctly. *

  • Day-Ahead Market Metrics *

    Metric NameCurrent ScoreApplies toWeightGreen %Yellow %Red %Not Scored %Primary CriteriaNotesMarket Participant MetricsMP16 DAM ParticipationGreenQSERsGeneration Ratio Share97.5%1.3%.2%0%Participation in 50% of the Day-Ahead Market runs72/78 QSERs with adequate participationAmberQSEsEven Weighting64%16.4%19.2%.4%118 out of 184 QSEs with adequate participationERCOT MetricsMO8 Verify DAM Execution Quality5/19/2010ERCOTN/AN/AN/AN/ARedDAM execution pass the post-execution price validations for the given reporting periodWill be reviewed at 5/4 NATFMO9 Generate DAM LMPs5/19/2010ERCOTN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A95 percent Day-Ahead Market execution as evidenced by Day-Ahead LMP posting timesWill be reviewed at 5/4 NATFMO10 DRUC Execution6/2/2010ERCOTN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A95 percent DRUC executionWill be reviewed at 6/1 NATF *

  • Outage Scheduler Metrics *Active Phase 3 Metric

    Metric NameCurrent ScoreApplies toWeightGreen %Yellow %Red %Not Scored %Primary CriteriaNotesMarket Participant MetricsMP20 Outage Scheduler Connectivity QualificationGreenQSERsGeneration Ratio Share98.1%0.0%0.0%1.9%Successful submission of OS transactions 74/78 QSERS qualified. GreenTSPsOwnership Ratio Share99.8%0%0%.02%23/25 TSPs qualified. ERCOT MetricsEMO3 Verify Outage Evaluation System Functionality6/2/2010ERCOTN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AA test of the Outage Management Process is completedWill be reviewed at 6/1 NATF *

  • Network Modeling Metrics *Active 4 Metric

    Network Model Metrics

    Metric NameCurrent ScoreApplies toWeightGreen %Yellow %Red %Not Scored %Primary CriteriaNotesMarket Participant MetricsMP14-C TSP Model ValidationGreenTSPsOwnership Ratio Share99.9%.1%0.0%0.0%Network Model data validated by TSP24/28 TSPs have submitted model validation e-mail to ERCOT.MP6 Telemetry Compliance with Nodal Protocols (does not include 405 QSE CB and DSC points from TSP outreach)GreenQSERsGeneration Ratio Share100%0.0%0.0%0.0%Expected State Estimator telemetry submitted.78/78 complete. 3502 total SE points provided GreenQSERsGeneration Ratio Share100%0.0%0.0%0.0%Expected SCED telemetry submitted.78/78 complete. 7629 SCED points providedGreenTSPsOwnership Ratio Share99.3%0.0%0.0%.7%Expected TSP telemetry per ICCP Handbook submitted16/17 TSPs above 95% threshold for GREEN. 357 points outstandingN2 Telemetry ICCP System FailoverGreen/White onlyQSERsGeneration Ratio Share11.8%0%0%88.2%ICCP Failover test completed successfully prior to the 8-hour LFC test.18/78 QSERs completed ICCP telemetry failover testMP18 Mapping of Resources and Loads in Private Use Networks6/2/2010QSERsGeneration Ratio ShareN/AN/AN/AN/A# of QSE(n) PUN Points Provided / # of QSE(n) PUN Points Expected306 points across 7 QSEs with Resources. 15 points still assigned to TDSP.MP23 Telemetry Quality7/14/2010TSPsOwnership Ratio ShareN/AN/AN/AN/A# of TSP(n) Suspect/Bad points provided / # of TSP(n) points total1356 Suspect/Bad points (97.9% good quality).7/14/2010QSERsGeneration Ratio ShareN/AN/AN/AN/A# of QSER(n) Suspect/Bad points provides / # of QSER(n) points total871 Suspect/Bad points (94.9% good quality)ERCOT MetricsEMO9 Validate Zonal and Nodal Security Analysis5/19/2010ERCOTN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AComparison of Nodal and Zonal constraints. Will be reviewed at 5/4 NATF *

  • Resource Entity Metrics *

    Metric NameCurrent ScoreApplies toWeightGreen %Yellow %Red %Not Scored %Primary CriteriaNotesMarket Participant MetricsMP11 Resource RegistrationGreenREsRegistered MW Capacity Ratio Share97.7%1.82%.5%0.0%Decision Making Authority form submitted, and GENMAP validated151/157 Resources completed. *

  • Readiness Metrics *

    Metric NameCurrent ScoreApplies toPercentage (if applicable)Primary CriteriaNotesERCOT MetricsE1 ERCOT Staff Completes TrainingGreenERCOT100%Training plans must be adhered to for highly impacted departments15 out of 15 highly impacted departments are up to date with their training plans.E9 Develop Nodal ProceduresGreenERCOT100%Procedures developed 1 month prior an exercised in the appropriate Market Trials PhaseAll MT4 and MT5 are now developed and the MT3 procedures were exercised during MT3 as scheduled. MT4 procedures on target to be exercised by the end of MT4. *

  • Useful DocumentsArtifactsNodal Scorecard ( of Nodal Metrics ( Artifacts on the Nodal Readiness Center( Metric InventoryCompleted Metric InventoryRemoved Metric InventoryMetrics Update CalendarMetrics Roadmap - Metrics overlaid on the Market Trials Roadmap * *

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