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Readiness Scorecard Market Readiness Series. Brandon McElfresh Nodal Readiness and Transition. January 28, 2010. Agenda. Nodal Metrics Objective Nodal Scorecard Overview Active Market Participant Metrics Metrics Roadmap for Market Participants Real-Time Market CRR Outage Scheduler - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *Readiness Scorecard Market Readiness SeriesBrandon McElfresh Nodal Readiness and TransitionJanuary 28, 2010 *

  • AgendaNodal Metrics ObjectiveNodal Scorecard OverviewActive Market Participant MetricsMetrics Roadmap for Market ParticipantsReal-Time MarketCRROutage SchedulerDAM/RUCNetwork ModelUseful Documents * *

  • Nodal Metrics Objective *ObjectiveThe objective of the Nodal Metrics is to provide a concise and transparent view of ERCOTs and its Market Participants progress towards launching the Nodal Market.

    HistoryIn the previous Nodal EDS effort, any changes to the Nodal Metrics were approved by TPTF and TAC.

    GovernanceIn the current Market Trials effort, NATF reviews the metrics monthly to advise on design and scheduling decisions submitted by ERCOT. TAC also reviews the metric scores monthly.

    PopulationThere are 61 ERCOT metrics and 19 MP metrics to be completed. *

  • *Nodal ScorecardFunctionalityRollup by MP type.Weighting for Overall ScoresQSERs Gen Ratio ShareTSPs Ownership ShareREs Registered MW Capacity Ratio ShareQSEs, CRRAHs, and LSEs even weighting within the MP type

    AcronymsQSERs QSEs with ResourcesQSEs QSEs without ResourcesTSPs Transmission Service ProvidersREs Resource EntitiesCRRAHs CRR Account HoldersLSEs Load Serving EntitiesAs of 1/26/2010 *

  • Nodal Scorecard Continued *ConfidentialityQSERs, QSEs, CRRAHs, and LSEs have a private view to see their individual metricsEscalationAt least 5 days advanced notice from ERCOT for AMBER or RED scoresUpdatesGREENs updated ASAPAMBERs & RED updated based on Metric Update CalendarExampleExampleAccessE-mail for login credentials *

  • *Active Mark Participant Metrics

    Metric NameCurrent Score (as of 1/25/2010)Applies toWeightGreen %Red %Yellow %Not Scored %Primary CriteriaNotesMP3 Market Submissions Connectivity QualificationGreenQSERsGeneration Ratio Share76%0%0%24%Successful submission of RT and DAM transactions (289 total entities included sub-QSEs)19 out of 45 QSERS Qualified. 5 partially qualified. First AMBER & RED scores will be released 2/11/2010.GreenQSEsEven weighting54%0%0%58%60 out of 112 QSEs qualified. First AMBER & RED scores will be released 2/11/2010.MP6 QSER and TSP Compliance with the Nodal Protocols Section Telemetry CriteriaGreenQSERsGeneration Ratio Share71%0%0%29%100% expected State Estimator telemetry submitted.39 out of 45 QSERs completed. For the 6 QSEs in review, most issues have been resolved, leaving an estimated 6 SE points to be resolved out of 3659 required points (99.99%)First scores - 2/10/2010TSPsOwnership ShareMP11 Resource RegistrationGreenREsRegistered MW Capacity Ratio Share98%2%0%0%RARF validated, Decision Making Authority form submitted, and GENMAP validatedMP15-B CRR Connectivity QualificationGreenCRRAHsEven weighting35%0%0%65%Successful submission of CRR transactions29 out of 82 CRRAHs qualified. First AMBER & RED scores will be released 2/11/2010. *

  • *Metrics RoadmapMP15AMP16MP20MP3MP6MP11MP14CE9E1N2.1EMO9CRR3CRR5EMO6MO4MO5CO1CO2CO3CO4CO5CO6CO7CO8CO9C10E7E11E12EMO2EMO3EMO8MO3C1-C10EMO13 MO7CRR4E5IMM1R0R2R3MP15BMP3N1E3E10PURPLEORANGETiming and Design ConfirmedTiming subject to change, design in progressR1 *

  • Metrics Roadmap Real-Time Market *MP15AReal-Time MarketParticipation(QSER)MP3MarketSubmissionsConnectivityQualification(QSER, QSE)MP6 TelemetryCompliance(QSER, TSP)

    N2Telemetry/ICCPFailover(ERCOT)EMO1Network SecurityAnalysis& TransmissionConstraintManagement(ERCOT)EMO9Nodal and ZonalSecurity AnalysisResults(ERCOT)EMO6QSE ResponseTo Dispatch (ERCOT, QSER)

    MO4SCED ExecutionQuality (ERCOT)MO5Generate 6Months of LMPs(ERCOT)EMO2Voltage Support(ERCOT) EMO8Conduct EEATest (ERCOT)N1Telemetry Alarms(ERCOT)EMO7Load ForecastAccuracy(ERCOT)PURPLEORANGETiming and Design ConfirmedTiming subject to change, design in progressMP6 QSERs and TSPs Telemetry Compliance with Nodal Protocols SCED Scores Active 2/11/2010TSP Scores Active 2/11/2010MP15-A QSERs Real-Time Market ParticipationScores based on daily submissions of Energy Offer Curves and Output SchedulesActive 2/11/2010EMO6 QSERs respond to dispatchScores based on participation in LFC testing in MT Phase 5Active May 2010 *

  • Metrics Roadmap CRR Market *CRR3Operation ofMonthlyCRRAuction andAllocation(ERCOT)CRR5Operation ofAnnual CRRAllocation andAuction(ERCOT)MP15-B CRRConnectivityQualification(CRRAH)MP15-B CRRAH Connectivity Qualification Scores based on submission of selected CRR transactions. For example, Logged-in and accessed the CRR application Downloaded one of the pre-auction market information Uploaded a bid/offer portfolio (in either XML or CSV) ActivePURPLEORANGETiming and Design ConfirmedTiming subject to change, design in progress *

  • Metrics Roadmap Outage Scheduler *MP20OutageSchedulerConnectivityQualification(QSER, TSP)EMO3OutageEvaluationFunctionality(ERCOT)MP20 QSERs and TSPs Outage Scheduler Connectivity Qualification Scores based on submission of selected OS transactions. For example, Planned outage on a single piece of equipment Maintenance Level 1 outage on a group of Resources Active 2/10/2010PURPLEORANGETiming and Design ConfirmedTiming subject to change, design in progress *

  • Metrics Roadmap DAM/RUC *MP16Day-AheadMarketParticipation(QSER, QSE)MO3VerifySupplementalASMarket(ERCOT)MP3MarketSubmissionsConnectivityQualification(QSER, QSE)MP3 QSERs and QSEs Market Submissions Connectivity Qualification Scores based on submission of selected DAM transactions. For example, Three Part Offers Ancillary Service Offers Energy-only Offers and Bids Active. First AMBER or RED scores on 2/11/2010

    MP16 QSERs and QSEs Day-Ahead Market Participation Scores based on participation in Day-Ahead Market Runs. Active April 2010 PURPLEORANGETiming and Design ConfirmedTiming subject to change, design in progress *

  • Metrics Roadmap Settlements/COMS *CO1Settle Market for7 Days(ERCOT)CO2Verify DisputeProcess(ERCOT)CO3Verify DAMStatements(ERCOT)CO4Zonal/NodalCoordinatedSettlements(ERCOT)CO5Verify RTMStatements(ERCOT)CO6Verify RTM Invoices(ERCOT)CO7Verify DAMInvoices(ERCOT)CO8Verify CRRAuctionInvoices(ERCOT)CO9Verify FinancialTransfer(ERCOT)C10Verify CreditCalculations(ERCOT)Settlements/COMS Metrics No specific MP Metrics for Settlements currently ERCOT will submit regular status reports and evidence of completion to NATF for each metricPURPLEORANGETiming and Design ConfirmedTiming subject to change, design in progress *

  • Metrics Roadmap Nodal Reports *E3Validate EDWTelemetry/StateEstimatorAccess andAccuracy(ERCOT, QSER,QSE, TSP)E7Validate EDWIMM and PUCTAccess andAccuracy(ERCOT, IMM)E10Validate EDWCommercialSystems Accessand Accuracy(ERCOT, QSER,QSE, TSP)PURPLEORANGETiming and Design ConfirmedTiming subject to change, design in progressReporting/EDW Metrics ERCOT, MPs, and IMM will be required to verify access to and accuracy of Market Monitoring, Settlement, Operations , and Compliance EDW and MIS reports.E11Validate EDWComplianceAccess(ERCOT) *

  • Metrics Roadmap Cutover/Go-Live Sequence *PURPLEORANGETiming and Design ConfirmedTiming subject to change, design in progressR1NodalReadinessDeclaration(ERCOT)R0MarketParticipantOperationsReadiness(ERCOT, MPs)E5Nodal SAS70Readiness(ERCOT)C1-C10Fallback andContingencyPlans(ERCOT)R2Develop NodalMarket LaunchPlan(ERCOT)R3Complete 168Hour Test(ERCOT)CRR4Implement TCRTo CRR Transition Plan(ERCOT)Readiness Metrics R0 ERCOT asserts readiness of Market Participants for Nodal Go-Live. R1 ERCOT, TAC, NATF, and the ERCOT Board of Directors assert readiness for Nodal Go-Live IMM1 Market Monitor and PUCT asserts readiness of Market Monitoring systems

    IMM1Market MonitorSystemsCapability(IMM) *

  • Metrics Roadmap Other Readiness Metrics *MP11 REs Resource Registration Scores based on submission of necessary Resource Registration data RARF Decision Making Authority Form GENMAP Mapping of Resource Nodes to EPS Meters Active (first DMA scores 1/27/2010)

    MP14-C TSPs Network Model Validation Scores based on TSPs validating their portion of the network model Criteria and schedule to be discussed at 2/2/2010 NATF meeting

    PURPLEORANGETiming and Design ConfirmedTiming subject to change, design in progressMP11ResourceRegistration(RE)E1ERCOTStaff CompletesTraining(ERCOT)E9DevelopNodalProcedures(ERCOT)MP14CTSPNetworkModelValidation(TSPE12MISComplianceTest(ERCOT)EMO13OperationsPersonnelAndFacilitiesReadiness(ERCOT) MO7MarketOperationsPersonnelAnd FacilitiesReadiness(ERCOT) *

  • Useful DocumentsArtifactsNodal Scorecard ( of Nodal Metrics ( Artifacts on the Nodal Readiness Center( Metric InventoryCompleted Metric InventoryRemoved Metric InventoryMetrics Update CalendarMetrics Roadmap - Metrics overlaid o


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