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<ul><li> 1. Reader Profile</li></ul> <p> 2. My magazine they would be happy readers are interested in a variety of music, ranging from pop, rock, to indie, and world. They enjoy seeing live performances and enjoy the energy and excitement of seeing artists live. The readers dont want to may too much for a magazine, they would be happy to spend less than a 1 to 2 for a music magazine, but they want good value, it should have at least 60-100 pages. and last competitions. Majority of readers download music (62%) 53% of readers said they go to live gigs, and festivals regularly, one of the main selling points of the magazine is about live performances. The topfestivals that attract them are, Womad, and V festival. They enjoy group performances. Readers said that the front cover attracts them the most,followed by content, free CDs, exclusive interviews, and last competitions. Majority of readers download music (62%), but there is still a large number who prefer physical music(38%). Out of the 62% that download music, 42% download music illegally. </p>


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