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RİCHEARD MEİER• Richard Meier was born on October 12, 1934 in Newark,
New Jersey.
• Richard Meier is an American architect who designed his
buildings in a rational manner with
predominantly white fronts.
In the majority of Richard Meier's designs, the influences of architects
who were influential in the mid-20th century, especially in the early
stages of Le Corbusier, can be observed…
Le Corbusier
Savoya Villa-Le Corbusier Swiss Pavilion –Le corbusier
In the work of Richeard Meier some architects have effects. The most important of these architects
is Le Corbusier. Two important works of Le Corbusier are summarizing this situation to us.These are
Savoya Villa and Swiss Pavilion projects.
Mies Van Der Rohe Luis Barragan
Other architects whose influences Richard Meier reflected in his designs are,
In 1984, he won the Pritzker Architecture Award.
The most important feature in his work and the architect has
several factors to take into consideration when planning his
Natural light is the fundamental element in the center of Richard Meier's work.
His buildings in a rational manner with predominantly white fronts. Because, bright white with a
bold, geometric nature is a color that he believes he heals nature and heal the world.
Throughout its 35-year career, the internationally recognized mass produced the ideals of
1973 Douglas House, Michigan, USA
1976 Bronx Development Center, Bronx, New York, USA
1979 Atheneum, New Harmony, Indiana, United States
1983 High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
1984 Des Moines Art Center Expansion Project, Des Moines, Iowa, USA
1992 Daimler Forschungszentrum, Ulm, Germany
1994 Stadthaus, Ulm, Germany
1995 Mayor and Central Library, The Hague, Netherlands
1995 Edinburgh Park, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
1996 Rachofsky House, Dallas, Texas, USA
1997 Getty Center, Los Angeles, California, USA
1998 Camden Health Center, Singapore
1998 White Square, Basel, Switzerland
2000 Sandra Day O'Connor Justice Palace, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
2003 Crystal Cathedral Welcome Center, Garden Grove, California, USA
2003 Jubilee Church, Rome, Italy
2003-2008 One Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, New York, USA
2004 Frieder Burda Museum, Baden, Germany
2004-2007 ECM City Tower, Prague, Czech Republic
2004-2007 San Jose City Center, San Jose, California, USA
2008 Weill Welcome Center, Ithaca, New York, USA
2008 Meier Tower, Tel Aviv, Israel
2008 Ara Pacis Museum, Rome, Italy
2010-2014 Bodrum Houses, Bodrum, Turkey
Bodrum Houses
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