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<ul><li><p>8/2/2019 RCA HDTV Product Manual 1788</p><p> 1/2</p><p>M50WH92S</p><p>50 diagonal DLP HDTVFeatures and BeneitsEN-V Picture Processing Technology Designed to Provide Enhanced Color and Contrast So You Can Enjoy a Crisp</p><p>Picture with Magnifcent Clarity</p><p>Built-in High Defnition (NTSC/ATSC/QAM) Tuner or Access to O-Air Digital Programming or Unscrambled Digital Cable*</p><p>2 Built-in HDMI Inputs and 2 HD Component Inputs Provide High Defnition Video and Audio to Connect to the Latest</p><p>Digital Devices</p><p>SRS FOCUS Stereo Sound</p><p>Home Theater Sound rom Built-in 7-Band Graphic Equalizer or Through Digital Audio Output</p><p>Thinner and Lighter than most 27 Picture Tube Televisions</p><p>Product Size (H x W x D): 36.6 x 46.9 x 15.2 Inches</p><p>Stand Size (H x W x D): 19.0 x 46.9 x 16.5 Inches</p><p>Shown withIncluded Stand</p><p>* Cable TV subscription required. Check with your</p><p>cable company or availability in your area.FOCUS</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 RCA HDTV Product Manual 1788</p><p> 2/2</p><p>M50WH92S</p><p>50 diagonal DLP HDTVSpecifcations</p><p>TTE Technology, Inc</p><p>Indianapolis, IN USA 46290</p><p>BRAND RCA</p><p>TECHNOLOGY</p><p>Category DLP HDTV</p><p>Screen Size 50</p><p>Screen Type 16:9</p><p>Tuner NTSC/ATSC/QAM</p><p>Comb Filter 3D Y/C Dig Frame</p><p>Input Signal Compatibility 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i</p><p>PICTURE</p><p>Adaptive Video Noise Reduction Yes</p><p>Adjustable Color Warmth Yes</p><p>Adjustable Picture Control Yes</p><p>Format Control Yes</p><p>Auto Color Control Yes</p><p>DLP Technology HD5</p><p>DarkChip Technology Yes</p><p>SmoothPicture Yes</p><p>Vibrant Color Technology Yes</p><p>Horizontal Viewing Angle (Degrees) &gt;80</p><p>Vertical Viewing Angle (Degrees) &gt;30</p><p>Edge Replacement Yes</p><p>Resolution 1280 x 720</p><p>Lamp Power (Watts) 120W</p><p>Reverse 3:2 Pull Down Yes</p><p>Picture Presets 4+ personal</p><p>SOUND</p><p>Audio Power (Watts) Front L/R Speakers 10 W/CHGraphic Equalizer 7 Band</p><p>Sound Presets 4+ personal</p><p>Front Speakers 2- Full-range</p><p>Sound Type Broadcast Stereo w/ dbx Noise Reduction</p><p>Program (SAP) Yes</p><p>Sound Logic Audio Leveler Yes</p><p>Dolby* Processing Yes</p><p>Audio Processing SRS FOCUS**</p><p>CONVENIENCE</p><p>Auto Channel Search Yes</p><p>Multilingual On-Screen-Display English, Spanish, French</p><p>Auto On + Auto Channel + Auto Volume Yes</p><p>Channel Lock Yes</p><p>Auto Tune (One-Button Launch) Yes</p><p>Closed Caption Capability Yes</p><p>Front Panel Lock Yes</p><p>Maximum Volume Limiter Yes</p><p>Channel Labeling AutoParental Control (V-Chip) USA &amp; Canada</p><p>Picture Reset Yes</p><p>Picture Freeze Yes</p><p>Picture Memory Presets or Video Inputs Yes</p><p>Program Guide Yes</p><p>Clock, Sleep and Alarm Timers Yes</p><p>CONNECTIONS(REARPANEL)</p><p>Audio Inputs 4 L/R</p><p>Composite Video Inputs 4</p><p>S-Video w/Auto-Detect vs. Composite 2</p><p>YPrPb with Auto-Detect vs. Composite 2, SYNCROSCAN PLUS ***</p><p>HDMI**** Inputs 2</p><p>RF Input 1</p><p>L/R Variable/Fixed Outputs 1, Menu Switchable</p><p>Digital Audio Output 1, Optical</p><p>CONNECTIONS(FRONTPANEL)</p><p>Audio/Video 1 + S-video</p><p>Headphone Jack Yes</p><p>REMOTECONTROL</p><p>Remote Model Number R301G1</p><p>Universal 4-Device 38 Button</p><p>Features DMI</p><p>ACCESSORIESSUPPLIED</p><p>Stand Included STM7022BK</p><p>Quick Start Guide Yes</p><p>Users Guide &amp; Warranty (E/F/S) RCA.com website</p><p>GENERAL</p><p>Finish Ebony Texture/Silver Diamond</p><p>Power Supply (Voltage / Frequency) 90-130V / 60Hz</p><p>Packaging Size (HxWxD) inches 42.5 x 53.5 x 22.63Weight (lbs) (Product)/Packaging) 85 / 142.7</p><p>* Dolby is a registered trademark o Dolby Laboratories.</p><p>** SRS FOCUS, SRS and symbol are trademarks o SRS Labs, Inc.</p><p>*** SYNCROSCAN PLUS component input automatically detects video ormats 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i without the need or consumer intervention.</p><p>**** HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Defnition Multimedia Interace are trademarks or registered trademarks o HDMI Licensing LLC.</p><p>Product eatures, defnitions and physical specifcations are subject to change without notice.</p><p>RCA and associated marks are trademarks o THOMSON S.A. used under license to TTE CORPORATION.</p></li></ul>