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S.O.Se - VoiceForJustice- e-news weeklySpreadingthelightofhumanity&freedomEditor: Nagaraja.M.R.. Vol.09..Issue.21........24/05/2014RESERVE BANK OF INDIA GOVERNOR SHAME SHAME

SOILEDNOTEFRAUDCASE @ RBI BANGALORE- Trauma of an old manComplete case details also available athttp://members.lycos.co.uk/ganapathihariram/As per allegations of RBI management Bangalore in 1977-79 , criminalnexus of RBI employees stole Rs. 220000 from RBI Bangalore. All thebanks , government treasuries in Karnataka , submit defaced /soiledcurrency notes to RBI Bangalore in exchange for good notes. RBI aftercollecting such defaced currency notes , sorts out fairly good noteswhich can be reissued & burns off the remaining totally defacedcurrency notes. All these process is done in a systematic manner.As per allegations of the management , the crime took place in theperiod of 1977-79 at RBI Bangalore. A nexus of employees, took awaythe currency bundles meant for destruction & substituted it in theplace of bundles of reissuables.Charge sheet issued by RBI Bangalore office to mr.G.HariramStaff no.3698/156/84-85 dt 1 april 1985Amended charge sheet staff no 3798/156-84/85 dt 8 april 1985CBI has charge sheeted 17 employees in connection with this case ,case olde no. cc34/1989 new no. sc 436/1991 . thehonourable 21 city additional city civil & sessions court Bangalore init's order dated 24.01.1992 discharged 03 charge sheeted employees , as the prosecutionfailed to prove the charges against them. They came out clean , asthey were innocents saddled with the crime done by others. One of thecharge sheeted employee who turned approver for the prosecution, hasgiven detailed account of the crime. Nowhere he has mentioned theinvolvement of accussed no.15 mr.G.Hariram in the crime.Even after coming out clean, mr.G.Hariram was not reinstated intoservice by RBI. They gave the ruse of domestic enquiry & showedcontempt to the court order. On appeal, the honourable high court ofKarnataka ordered RBI to review it's order with respect tomr.G.Hariram , still RBI failed to reinstate mr.G.Hariram into service, once gain showing contempt to the court of law.In India as per law , the decisions of court of law are binding on all, orders of court over rides the organisation's internal rules ,service rules , etc. inspite of lack of evidences, in a whimsicalmanner the higher authorities of RBI , fixed some innocents as thescape goats heaped all charges against them ( against whom they hadpersonal grudge , dislikes ). RBI repeatedly showed contempt to thecourt orders , dismissed the scape goat - ailing old man mr.G.Hariramfrom service. RBI snatched away his PF money towards the alleged lossto the bank , didn't pay his gratuity amount , salary arrears andfinally he was even deprived of the pension. As a result , the old manhas even lost his social prestige, dignity , his family suffered a lot& he is a mental wreck today.Why RBI authoroties are hell bent upon to send away the innocents /scape goats away from service ? why CBI didn't conduct polygraph testsof all the accussed , specifically higher officers of RBI , managersof RBI office Bangalore ? probably the scape goats were aware of thecrimes master minded by higher ups & didn't co-operate with the higherups in their crimes. So, the criminals were afraid that the scapegoats will blurt out truth to the world , fixed non co-operatinginnocents themselves as criminals.Who will give justice to innocents like old man mr.G.Hariram & whowill bell the corrupt , criminals , fat cats of RBI ?APPEAL UNDER SEC 19 (3) OF RTI ACT 2005 OF GOVERNMENT OF INDIA & GOVERNMENT OF KARNATAKAAPPLICATION FOR INFORMATION AS PER RTI ACT 2005( SEE RULE 22 OF RTI ACT 2005 )FULL NAME OF THE APPLICANT : NAGARAJ.M.R.ADDRESS OF THE APPLICANT : NAGARAJ.M.R.,EDITOR , E-VOICE OF HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH,# LIG-2 / 761, OPP WATER WORKS OFFICE,HUDCO FIRST STAGE, LAXMIKANTANAGAR,HEBBAL, MYSORE , KARNATAKAPIN 570017.DETAILS OF DOCUMENTS / WRITTEN STATEMENTS / INFORMATION REQUIRED :HEREBY , I DO HUMBLY REQUEST YOU TO GIVE ME WRITTEN STATEMENTS /ANSWERS TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS - WHICH IN ITSELF ( ie answers )ARE THE INFORMATION SOUGHT BY ME.WITH RESPECT TO CASE NO old CC34 / 1989 & NEW NO SC436/1991 AT 21ST ADDITIONAL CITY CIVIL & SESSIONS COURT BANGALORECHARGE SHEETED OFFICER MR.G.HARIRAM RBI BANGALORECHARGE SHEET NO staff no.3698/156/84-85 dt 01.01.1985Amended charge sheet staff no.3798/156-84/85 dt 08.04.19851. Why didn't you notice the alleged crimes of 1977 , 78 & 79 till themid of 1979 ?2. This crime came to light only due to anonymous phone calls of goodSamaritans to authorities , but not due to your inspection . is yourinspection division working properly ?3. why there is no security check up of officers during entry & exitout of premises ?4. why there is no individual weighment , individual statement ofvalue of bags of reissuable notes & bags ofnotemeant for destruction, after sorting is done, why they are not tallied with total weight ,value of notes issued for sorting ?5. Immediately after noticing the crime, why did not you transfer allthe employees of those sections ?6. why did not you take steps to preserve3 & protect respectivedocuments relating to such high profile crime ?7. why didn't you immediately issue charge sheet to all the accussed &waited till 1983 ?8. Why RBI has left out , so many officers ( who worked in the samesections for more period than accused officers ) from domesticenquiry ?9. why CBI also failed to put those people in the charge sheet beforethe court ?10. is it because they were in favorable terms with the vestedinterests ?11. did the CBI dance to the tune of vested interests in RBI whilepreparing charge sheet & during investigation , instead ofindependent investigation ?12. those left out probables from the charge sheet might have causedthe destruction of evidences / records. During the course of domesticenquiry / court proceedings , it has been recorded that some recordshave been destroyed. Are not CBI & RBI responsible for destruction ofevidences , aiding true criminals get away ?13. in normal times , what is the period specified in RBI regulationsfor preserving old documents / records ?14. after noticing such a high profile crime the RBI must have takenutmost care to preserve such old records for indefinite time , forproducing before courts of law as & when demanded. But it didn't ,why ?15. does not this point to connivance of higher authorities of RBI ,with the criminals ?16. RBI authorities have conducted domestic mass enquiries , insteadof individual enquiries , is it not detrimental to the rights ofdefense ?17. RBI authorities have stated that court proceedings & domesticenquiry are independent of each other & are not binding on oneanother. However RBI authorities straight away took on record ofdomestic enquiry the court statements , evidences , but didn't honourthe order of same court of law ? why this double standard by RBI ?18. The alleged crime was committed in 1977-79, but charge sheet wasframed in mid 1985 , why this long delay ?19. didn't this facilitate the masterminds of crime to destroy ,manipulate evidences ?20. as stated before court , indeed some records , 22nd currencynotepacket were missing , who is responsible for it ?21. has the CBI conducted enquiry , polygraph test of RBI higherofficers - S.N.RAZDAN , W.S.SARAF , J.P.AWASTHI , J.MITRA & others ,if not why ?22. is it not due to inefficiency , negligence of duty by such highranking managers , that such a crime occurred in RBI Bangalore ?23. what disciplinary action RBI has taken against the inefficient ,negligent higher officials ?24. whatever internal rules an organization makes must be within theline of law. If such internal laws of the organization are violativeof law , fundamental rights of employees , such internal rules becomeillegal. Are not the way of RBI disciplinary proceedings illegal ?25. as per RBI pension regulations 1990 , RBI has the right to deductany loss caused to the bank , from the pension of RBI employee if themisconduct of employee is proved in judicial proceedings . even thoughmr.G.Hariram came out clean from the court , why RBI has denied hispension ?26. judicial courts of law are appellate authorities over & above ,domestic enquiry committees & judicial orders supersedes the domesticenquiry proceedings. Still RBI showed contempt of court & didn'treinstate mr..G.Hariram into service , why ?27. even if an employee's misconduct causing loss to the bank isproved , before denying him pension (towards making up loss to thebank) , previous sanction of the central board of RBI must be taken.But in mr.G.Hariram's case , pension was denied in full without takingprevious sanction of the central board of RBI , is it not illegal ?28. RBI alleged that mr..G.Hariram caused loss to the tune of Rs.14000to the bank & recovered it from his provident fund dues. There wasnothing left over to recover , still RBI completely denied pension tomr.G.Hariram , why ?29. ideally, domestic enquiry findings / disciplinary actions shouldbe completed first , then the employee can appeal to appropriate courtof law. In mr.G.Hariram's case , CBI & RBI failed to prove the chargesin court of law , as a result court discharged him from the charges.To cover-up it's failures RBI management dragged domestic enquiry muchbeyond court orders date & gave findings indicting mr..G.Hariram. doesthe enquiry officer of domestic enquiry think that he is over & abovethe court of law ? is it not illegal & contempt of court ?30. ideally , RBI authorities should have appealed to higher courtagainst lower court order discharging mr.G.Hariram from charges. Butit was not done , why ?31. did the RBI pay interim relief to mr.G.Hariram , during suspensionperiod ?32. the undue delay in filing charge sheet , consequent destruction ofkey evidences ,