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  • CoverTable of contentsIntroductionFueling the brilliant flameHeroism and tragedyVirtue and corruptionHow to use this bookChapter one: Creating the virtuous heroPrestige classesAnchorite InquisitorAnchorite WandererBlack powder avengerBlessed PaladinBlessed defenderDetectiveDilettanteKnight ErrantMetaphysicianScholarTrue innocentWhite arcanistFeatsChapter two: Heroic societies in RavenloftThe blessed army of Ezra (Mordent)The noble brotherhood of assassinsThe Van Richten societyThe VilushkaChapter three: who's blessed?NPC:Patrick ConnorJacinth MoontideEia PaxShih SurenCian SilverleafRobin StillwaterKattinker TattersThe Wanderers: a sample group of heroesAlexiNikolasPiotrNabonChapter four: the heroic campaignBuilding a heroic campaignIn the beginningPlot & structureMoodThe partyThe openingCampaign maintenance