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Build business relationships that develop loyal, repeat customers and quality referrals.


  • 1.Rapport?You mean like, 'You run as fast as you can, and I'll throw it as far as I can?'Jeff Kemp[When asked about his rapportwith wide receiver Jerry Rice.] 407.947.2590 joe@PiciandPici.comdawn@PiciandPici.com www.PiciandPici.com 1

2. Joe And d Aw n P i c iJoe And d Aw n P i c iA MessAge froM Joe And d Aw n : have had the honor and responsibility of sharing this methodology as speakers, trainers and coaches We have been in the communication trainingfor hundreds of thousands of individuals world industry for over twenty years. Powerful, effective wide. At Pici & Pici Inc., we have created results individuals understand that communication and driven training programs that assist individuals people skills are the cornerstones to success inand organizations in accomplishing more through business. Unfortunately, as our world becomes moreRapport MasterySM. Our Rapport MasterySM sales technology focused, these essential skills are beingtraining is an extremely strong skill builder, which is left behind causing many companies to wonderstraightforward and easy to apply. Included during why they are struggling to obtain and secure more the instruction is live telephone training with your business. The purpose of this booklet is to empower prospective customers. Participants gain success you with the secrets that top performers understand through immediate application. and apply. These secrets are embodied within Rapport MasterySM.Within the systematic approach to rapport building are the hidden secrets to increasing business Rapport is the deepest relationship that can be with new clients as well as cultivating long term attained in the business process. In todays tightloyalty with present clients. The ultimate goal of markets, businesses compete to expand their this methodology is to forge relationships with customer base while encouraging loyal, repeat individuals causing them to trust you/like you and, business from existing clients. Many businesses as a result, desire to do business with you! attempt to woo customers with special offers, new features, free shipping and countess other benefits.We hope you will enjoy and start applying the Contrary to this practice, our research shows thatskills associated with Rapport MasterySM and 85% of your client base will give you loyal, repeat that our booklet will raise your awareness and business if they begin trusting and liking theunderstanding about the value of strengthening the individual who represents your company. This is the relationships between you and every individual you essence of rapport. contact.We have invested enormous effort in understanding the complex subject of customer relations. Our work resulted in the construction of a methodology used Joe & Dawn to understand behaviors and how they reveal the Joe and dawn Pici needs of those with whom we communicate. We23 3. testiMoniAls testiMoniAlsJoe, your approach to the phone has been a tremendous Fantastic! I cannot say enough - has a wonderful gift for success for our team. I have invested heavily in sales training sharing and teaching skills for sales. The information I over the past 30 years yet never received the results that your acquired has been invaluable, not only in my ability to sellsystem produced. The way you approached it and got 100% my self, but in my ability to help my clients. If you need to buy in was the best Ive ever seen, an unbelievable approach.learn, refresh or enhance your sales skills or team - this is the man and the company to hire!dutch owens Owner, Gem Supply Meredith Powel December 6, 2008Your training helped our team prepare themselves tounderstand whom they are calling on and how they should I have witnessed and experienced Joe and his wife Dawn deal with each customer based on their DISC profile. The best take a floundering business and incorporate their Rapport part of the day came as we developed a Value Proposition MasterySM and live phone call system to turn it into a major Statement for Ike as he is heading into uncharted waters.profit center. If you truly desire to improve results, increase We have already used this statement in the field and it provedprofits and your call conversion to 84%, thento be effective. As you know I have been in this business forJoe and Dawn Pici are the only ones who can get you there. a long time and I am glad I stuck around. Even an old proI endorse and strongly recommend Pici & Pici Inc.needs to be retooled every now and then.to any business, especially in this economy.BriAn Bowen dArcy fritzkeDivision Manager, Johnson & JohnsonDecember 1, 2008Should you desire a message delivered to your group or My sales paradigm was definitely challenged and expandedorganization that is remembered and put into practice then in ways that made such logical sense. The way in which Joe you will need a speaker that understands the powerand Dawn superimposed the human behavior factorof the story mixed with marvelous humor. into the whole connecting process, and Dawn Pici would be the intelligent choice. ultimately the selling process was masterful.frAnk feAtherhendrick schoeMAn Author, Speaker, Futurist The hands on approach with REAL prospects made me money while I was in training.rich, coluMBus, oh 4 5 4. www.PiciAndPici.coMr A P P o rt M A s t e ryw h At is r A P P o rt ?Rapport is the deepest level of relationship betweentwo individuals in business which involves sharingcommon ground and is established when harmonyand accord have been reached between both parties.This does not mean the individuals involved agreeon every issue, it means they have attained a mutualrespect for each other's opinions. w h At is R a p p o Rt M a s t e Ry sM ?Rapport MasterySM is the possession of skills andthe genuine desire to develop relationships ofThe more solid your rapportmutual trust and emotional affinity. The operative with your client base is,words here are genuine desire. There is no place in the greater sustainability your business will have. Rapport MasterySM for surface level tricks such asmimicking behaviors for the sake of manipulating dAwn Piciunsuspecting people. Rapport MasterySM worksbest when adopted as a life style. It is to be used asa way of dealing with people and doing businessat all times, not merely to manipulate others withsurface techniques or to be saved until there isa glaring problem. Rapport MasterySM involvespersonal transparency as well as enthusiasm for thesuccess of others. Helping a client find a solutionto a problem or need may be involved in seeinganothers success become a reality. 6 7 5. r A P P o rt M A s t e ry www.PiciAndPici.coMhow q u i c k ly c A ni exPect howdoi k n o w t h At i h Av e r e A c h e dt o At tA i n r A P P o rt w i t h s o M e o n e ? t h i s l e v e l o f r e l At i o n s h i P w i t hAnother individuAl? If you browse the internet, you will find headlines such as, Create Rapport in Seconds! Isnt it like Has anyone ever asked your opinion or advice? the microwave generation to expect instant resultsHave you become someones trusted advisor, go-to- that require little or no effort andguy, consultant or strategic partner? time? Look again at the definition of Rapport MasterySM. Can you List their names here: actually trust or have deep affinity for someone in a few seconds? ______________________________________ Although each of us naturally gels with a certain type of ______________________________________ individual, there is no way to create this level of trust and ______________________________________ regard for another person ______________________________________ outside of the test of time. Creating rapport is a step by ______________________________________ step process. The purpose of______________________________________ this manual is to help you progress as quickly as possible though the rapport building ______________________________________ process and to solidify your relationships with ______________________________________ even the most difficult individuals. More in depth training is available during our Rapport MasterySM______________________________________ for sales on site training for your company or individuals may attend one of our SELL NAKED....______________________________________ SUCCESSFULLY! 3-day sales boot camps. ______________________________________ ______________________________________These are the individualswith whom you have created rapport.89 6. r A P P o rt M A s t e ry www.PiciAndPici.coM f r o M A d v e r s A ry to A d v o c At eRapport MasterySM involves changing the gamefrom being the adversary of your customer tobecoming their greatest advocate. An individualwho has acquired Rapport MasterySM is no longerfunctioning in opposition to their customer, but ison the customer's side.Consider this: The normal salesman-customerrelationship is an adversarial one. The customerwalks onto a lot to purchase a car. He/Sheassumes the salesperson approaching themwith the big toothy grin is out to rip them When we coordinate our effort off, put them into a car they dont like at awith the effort of others,price they cannot afford. The salesperson onwe create rapport and build the other hand is preoccupied with his/her success for all involved. own interests. He/She needs the sale to createincome and wants to get this done as quicklyJoe Picias possible to facilitate getting on to the nextcustomer. Each assumes they will be dickeringover the price, options available, etc.Our best example of Rapport MasterySM was anauto salesman by the name of Steve Kone. Steve wasthe top producer at his dealership year after year.Steve had created life-time clients who would travelhundreds of miles to purchase from him personally.How did he do this? Steve's deepest desire was hiscustomers satisfaction. A successful sale was notsimply getting them into a unit, he wanted to gethis customers the best car at an acceptable price. Weall knew we could trust Steve to fin