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  • Arranged by Hosam Ghanem ,MDDamascuss university , Mars , 2006Before you go through this breaf review ,please have a look to Alagha algorythm of arrhythmias.During this review try to diagnose before you see it written

  • Normal sinus rhythm

  • Sinus bradycardia

  • Sinus tachycardia

  • Wandering pacemaker

  • Atrial flutter

  • Atrial fibrillation

  • Junctional rhythm

  • Premature ventricular contractionTime interval between normal R peaks is a multiple of R-R intervals

  • Wide ventricular complexesRate> 120/minVentricular tachycardia

  • Ventricular fibrillation

  • Pacer rhythmWide ventricular complexes preceded by pacemaker spikeRate is the pacer rhythm

  • P-wave precedes each QRS-complex but PR-interval is > 0.2 sFirst-degree atrioventricular block

  • Intermittently skipped ventricular beatSecond-degree atrioventricular block

  • P-P interval normal and constant,QRS complexes normal, rate constant, 20 - 55 /minThird-degree atrioventricular block

  • RIGHT BUNDLE-BRANCH BLOCKQRS duration greater than 0.12 sWide S wave in leads I, V5 and V6

  • LEFT BUNDLE-BRANCH BLOCKQRS duration greater than 0.12 sWide S wave in leads V1 and V2, wide R wave in V5 and V6

  • LEFT ATRIAL HYPERTROPHYWide, notched P wave in lead IIDiphasic P wave in V1

  • RIGHT ATRIAL HYPERTROPHYTall, peaked P wave in leads I and II

  • RIGHT VENTRICULAR HYPERTROPHYLarge R wave in leads V1 and V3Large S wave in leads V6 and V6

  • LEFT VENTRICULAR HYPERTROPHYLarge S wave in leads V1 and V2Large R wave in leads V6 and V6


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