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  • Figure 1: Clients dashboard:

    This is an all-in-one dashboard which will help you access easily and check your all business data summary you require to know at one place. This includes your keyword standings (10/20/30/100). You may also identify things about the total URLs & their SERP, Update time or the Net Change. The software has here the 5x navigations tabs that are really retina friendly and will offer you respective summary. Even your last login time will also be mentioned.

  • Figure 2: URL page:

    This URL page will exactly show you your total URLs and the number of keywords that will be added in the respective URLs, even the time and the date will also be mentioned. And you could have also the right to delete the URL directly and you may also add a new URL.

  • Figure 3: URL deletion:

    When you delete a URL from the URLS page at the time of deletion the pop-up window will be appeared.

  • Figure 4: keywords page:

    Here you can add your respective URLs keyword/keywords. The uppermost tabs will show you the URL addition date and the number of keywords. The four operation buttons like:

    Keywords = permits you to add keywords

    Offline = Offline Code generator makes you able to visit this page even if youre offline

    Track = guides you to the Tracking page where you may get the tracking for the respective URL.

    Delete = allows you to delete the URL and keywords of that URL permanently

    Here on this page you will actually get the complete information regarding keywords name, region, and the change in the keyword's SERP that was last updated. It has also the graphical representation of the keyword.

  • Figure 5: keyword addition:

    When you add a keyword, the pop-up window will be appeared that has the following features:

    Keyword(s) name (10 keywords at a time, 1 keyword/ line) Desired search engine Keywords region

  • Figure 6: offline code generator:

    When you click the offline code generator button, the pop-up window will be appeared that will allow you to view this particular page and its features even if you are logged out.

  • Figure 7: keyword deletion:

    If you try to delete a keyword, this pop-up window will be appeared.

  • Figure 8: SERP graphical representation:

    You are able to see the SERP history graphically by the help of this Graphical Representation tab.

  • Figure 9: Tracking page:

    You can keep tracking the traffic coming directly to your URL. And by clicking the URL you will be guided to tracking details page where you may get the tracking code and instructions to keep tracking of the URL.

  • Figure 10: Tracking details:

    Now here you can keep tracking of the visitors, that will be viewed your URL, the tracking content (self explanatory) will be asked to be placed on your website to enable you to track. And also its usage instruction is given below. On the summary table the IP address and the time of visit will be shown.

  • Figure 11: Reports:

    You are really allowed to save your SERP report within two different file formats


    You can moreover print or copy the entire table as well.

  • Figure 12: Login page:

    You can login to the system and also request for restoration and report the system bugs from here and it is just possible when you click on the gears on the right side at the top of the corner.

  • Figure 13: Profile page:

    You can modify your profile by

    Changing Profile picture. Changing current password Changing current email address

  • Figure 14: settings:

    You can review your account summary here on the setting page such like:

    Number of URLS and Keywords Registration and Expiration Date Email notifications (changeable) Upgrade Account (changeable) Delete Account (changeable)

  • Figure 15: Offline page:

    Here you can view this particular page/ URL even if you are offline.


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