Raleigh Norfolk Future Interstate Corridor

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  • Raleigh, NC to Norfolk, VA through Rocky Mount, Williamston, and Elizabeth City

    ISTEA 1105 (c)(13) as modified by P.L. 114-94 1416

  • Corridor Description

  • When FHWA determines that segment meets the Interstate System design

    standards in 23 U.S.C. 109(b); andconnects to an existing Interstate

    System segment.

    When Does the Corridor Become Part of the Interstate System?

  • Interstate Designation Criteria

    1. Design Speed 2. Lane Width 3. Shoulder Width 4. Horizontal Curve

    Radius 5. Superelevation

    6. Stopping Sight Distance

    7. Maximum Grade 8. Cross Slope 9. Vertical Clearance 10. Design Loading

    Structural Capacity

  • The specific route location to appropriate termini has received FHWA environmental clearance or route location publicly announced by the State.

    Numbering approved by AASHTO. FHWA approves general location of signs.

    Placement of Future Signs

  • Approved Sign

    Slide Number 1Corridor DescriptionWhen Does the Corridor Become Part of the Interstate System?Interstate Designation CriteriaPlacement of Future SignsApproved Sign


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