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A rainforestis a type of forest thatis very hot and wet. They are thick jungles with very tall trees. Rainforests have morethan half of the world's plants and animals.

UNDERSTORY LAYER:This is the second layer of the rainforest. This layer hardly gets any sunlight. The plants need to grow biggerleaves so they can absorb more sunlight. More animals are found here.Rainforests have4 main layers.1. FOREST FLOOR2.UNDERSTORY LAYER3. CANOPY LAYER4. EMERGENT LAYERFOREST FLOOR: This is the bottom layer of the rainforest. It is very dark and not many plants grow there because thesun can't reach them.CANOPY LAYER: This is the third layer of the rainforest. The canopy layer provides a roof for the understory layer and the forest floor. It has lots of food for the animals and the treeshave oval shaped leaves.EMERGENT LAYER:This is the tallest part of the rainforest.Most of the flying animals live here.There is lots of sunlight to helpthe trees grow tall and strong.The trees can get up to 200 feet tall.

The main rainforests in Australia are Daintree National Park North Queensland,Russell Falls Mt Field National Park Tasmania, Tara Bulga National Park StrzelechiRanges VictoriaandFlorence Falls Lichfield National Park Northern Teritory.

Daintree National ParkRussell Falls National Park

Tara Bulga National Park

Florence Falls National Park

By Liam Schulz