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  • 1.Evaluation By RahulChaudhary

2. MY media product sequence has the similarities of Robocop a 1987 American science fiction actionfilm directed by Paul Verhoeven and Kick Ass a film directed by Matthew Vaughn in 2010. The way myproduct matches Robocop is in its story line.Our storyline is based on a nerdy kid who is bullied and basically lives a life of a nobody but then due to asevere beating turns into a Cyborg a half human half machine being in the way that Robocop was arobotic policeman. My sequence relates to the film kick ass because in Kick Ass the main character is anobody a person who isnt popular and wishes for a change my sequence matches that in the way that themain character in my piece is a nobody who wants to be a somebody.My Sequence is different to other films because we have a differentconcept to other films. Films that include police do not normallyaim for a teenage audience range unless they are comedic. My filmis more of a serious side but with a little hint of comedy so in thisway it is different. Another way it is different is the story, thecyborg being the thing thats the hero instead of an actual humancharacter. This is similar to Robocop but it hasnt been done since1987. 3. My media product represents a teenagesocial group very well. As we show acharacter of a lower stature to otherstudents which is very common inschool life. It shows the popularity of acharacter and also groups ofindividuals who are bullies. TheProduct shows off a general school andwhat happens on day to day bases. Myfilm also eliminates that stereotype ofall super heroes being of a white ethnicbackground. We have changed to acharacter of Indian origin. This issomething new because not many filmsthat include superheroes have manypeople of an Indian origin. This couldwork for me as this could promote for awider audience range and for morepeople watching it. this audience couldbe people from the Indian/Asiancommunity. 4. I would say that due to my media product being only a small time fill a small distribution company would be good. The film Colin was distributed by a company called Kaleidoscope Entertainment. Which is UK based this would be a good idea to only distribute our product in the UK only as all of the Actors are British and have that British accent and also it would be a good because of the size of our product it is not as large as other films out now so by it only being released in British cinema it has a chance of making it and hopefully then making DVD distributions all making profit and a potential lead in to more films. So thats why I believe that by having Kaleidoscope Entertainment as our distribution company would be a very good thing. 5. I believe the target audience would be teenagers. This isbecause the story of the main character and the settings allhappen in school so most teenagers can relate to it. Thismakes it easier for the audience to understand what ishappening. I would say that this film is more a male targetedfilm. Due to the nature of some content in the film and alsohow the male character is the more dominant in this film andwe see a lot of the male character. Also the from the feedbackwe got from posting our Media product on the socialnetworking site Facebook suggests that by having our Mediaproduct shot in a school makes it the more understandableand relatable. We also have a bit of comedic scenes whichmake it that more appealing to the teenage audience andmake it less serious which makes it fun to watch and keepsthe audience wanting more. 6. By looking at the feedback we got. The starting of the whole sequence made itmore attractive because it started differently to most films. It made the audiencemember want to know more of the character and what happens. The use of mise-en-scene helped in the making because this is what we based the film around.Production design: The setting was in a school and the props and costumes whereall to do with a school environment. This made it all the more believable andmore real when it came to shooting because everything that is in a school isalready there making it easier to shoot. Actors performance: it helped the factthat the actors were all in there teens so playing that teenage roll was not difficultat all it was just the actors being themselves this again made it more believableand real. 7. In making the Media product I have harnessed a lot of camera skill. Byusing the cameras and tripods I have been able to use the different shotsand angles learnt in class e.g. Close ups, medium shots, pans and slowzooms. So rather than just learning about them by actually using them formy self I have really developed on them camera skills. Also we had to editthe work so by using different editing programmes I had to learn how toedit properly and learnt how to edit because before this coursework piecewas made I had no clue on how to edit so. So by me editing some work onthe Mac it gives me the skill on to carry on using those skills further on inthe course and how to use the programme iMovie properly and moreeffectively. 8. Looking back at the Preliminary task I feel I have learnt that the endproduct is not necessarily the same as what you came up with at thebeginning . I have learned that making changes and big ones at that are allpart of making the end product e.g. The original script has no resemblanceto the final one also the story board also has little resemblance . Planningand preparation are all key but it could all change at the click of a finger soby being in the correct mind frame all the time makes it much easier but ifthe planning and preparation is made before hand then just working ofthat makes it that little bit easier. Another thing I have learned is that byusing simple things like tripods makes things a little easier and betterbecause all though it steadies shots it also gives you a better range ofangles and shots and makes them easier than what you would produce byhaving the camera free hand.


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