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  • Kuwait Engineers Forum (KEF)



    03rd April 2016

    Radisson Blu, Kuwait


    Last Date of Submission: 15th December 2015

    T H EM E





  • Last Date of Submission : 15th December 2015

    Topics for Paper & Poster Presentation aligned to the theme*

    Energy Environment Information Technology  Clean Energy  Soil Remediation  Cyber Security

     Renewable Energy  Hazardous Material Handling &

    Transportation  Benefits and Challenges in Automation

     Green Buildings  Management of Environment by Value

    Engineering  E-Learning

     Energy Saving for Building  Eco friendly Development &

    Construction  Cloud Computing

     Crude Oil & Gas Processing  Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration Global Economic Sustainability

     Enhancement of Oil/Gas Recovery  Wastewater and Sludge Treatment

    systems  Sustainability and Economics

     Hybrid Energy Systems  Carbon Trading System  Economic Case Studies

     Advanced Energy Technologies  Energy Auditing Corporate Social Responsibility  Pipeline Management  Waste to Energy Conversion  Environmental Economics

     Energy Conservation in HVAC systems  𝐶𝑂2 Capturing & management  Waste Management

     Efficient Management of Mega Projects

     Health Safety & Environment

     Water Conservation

     Quality Assurance & Control

    03rd April 2016

    Radisson Blu, Kuwait

    *Alternate topics aligned to the KINETIC 2016 theme shall also be considered

    A Glance into the Past Events

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    Chief Guest-His Excellency Dr Ali Al-Omair, Minister of Oil

  • Last Date of Submission : 15th December 2015

    Guidelines for Paper Presentation & its Abstract


    • Open to Engineers and Technocrats with proven track record from Kuwait & abroad.

    Submission of Abstracts

    • The abstract shall start with the Title of the proposed paper, followed by Author(s) name(s), Title(s) and Affiliation(s) and thereafter the body of abstract.

    • The body of the abstract needs to make a clear statement of the topic, as a marketing document of the full paper. The abstract shall briefly describe the work to be discussed in the paper and also give a concise summary of the findings. The abstract need not include any of the diagrams or table or any other details pertaining to references or any other similar matter.

    Submission of papers

    • It is recommended to organize the paper with the following contents.

    Requirements/ Limitations

    Guidance for Poster Presentation Competition & Abstract


    • This competition is open to all students (Graduates, Post Graduates and Research Scholars) below the age of 35

    Poster Theme

    • The poster theme shall generally fall within the identified topics above. However, posters related to other topics also shall be considered, provided the same can be aligned with the core theme of KINETIC 2016 - “Sustainability-Innovation, Opportunities and Challenges”. The theme description shall clearly specify the objective of the poster and approximate number of pages required to complete the theme. The general guidelines for submission of posters is provided below.

    Main Poster

    • Limit the text to about one-fourth of the poster space, and use "visuals" (graphs, photographs, schematics, maps, etc.) to tell the "story."

    • Lettering-Word process all text (including captions). Print on plain white paper with a laser printer or inkjet printer.

    Text should be readable from five feet away. Use a minimum font size of 18 points.

    • Lettering for the title should be large (at least 70-point font). Use all capital letters for the title.

    Requirements/ Limitations

    03rd April 2016

    Radisson Blu, Kuwait

    Section of Paper Experimental process Abstract What did I do in a nutshell?

    Introduction What is the problem?

    Materials & Methods How did I solve the problem?

    Results What did I find out?

    Discussions What does it mean?

    Acknowledgements (Optional) Who helped me out?

    Literature Cited Whose work did I refer to?

    Appendices (Optional) Extra Information

    Attribute Abstracts Paper Software MS Word (2007 or


    MS Word (2007 or


    Number of Pages 1 to 1 ½ 5 to 6

    Paper Size A4 A4

    Font type Calibri (Body) Calibri (Body)

    Font Size 11 11

    Number of words 600-900 3000 to 3600

    Line Spacing 1 1

    Attribute Poster Theme Main Poster Soft Copy MS Word (2007 or



    Number of Pages 1 1 to 3

    Paper Size A4 A1

    Font type Calibri (Body) N/A

    Font Size 11 N/A

    Number of words 300 N/A

    Preferred Topics for Paper & Poster Presentation*

    Paper Abstract Submission 15th December 2015 Poster Theme 15th December 2015

    Peer Review(Abstracts ) 15th January 2016 Peer Review Poster Theme 29th February 2016

    Full Paper 29th February 2016 Poster 31th March 2016

    Editorial Review (Paper) 21st March 2016 Evaluation -Posters 03rd April 2016


    All submissions shall be through the KEF portal (http://kefkuwait.org/kinetic/); alternatively to primary email id as kinetic@kefkuwait.org with a copy to jacobthomas@gmail.com

    http://kefkuwait.org/kinetic/ mailto:kinetic@kefkuwait.org mailto:jacobthomas@gmail.com

  • Invitation from Technical Convenor:

    Welcome to KINETIC 2016 (Kuwait Industrial Exhibition & Technical Conference 2016).

    KINETIC has emerged as the much awaited Technical event, with a wide sectoral coverage, catching the attention of various industries. It is a resourceful platform for Exhibitors across the industry, and the Technical Conference has provided valuable input to professionals and entrepreneurs. The event over the years has attracted eminent technocrats, managers, experts and decision makers in Oil, Engineering, Construction, and Service Industries in Kuwait

    The theme for KINETIC 2016 is “Sustainable Development – Innovation, Opportunities & Challenges”. The theme envisages to capture the thoughts, developments, insights and outlook from various sectors including Energy, Infrastructure, Information Technology & Environment.

    KINETIC 2016 is launching a Poster Competition, under the same Theme. Poster Presentation during the Conference & Exhibition is expected to attract a broad spectrum of audience from Kuwait’s University graduates & practitioners.

    KINETIC 2016 is an opportunity :

     For industries to exhibit their products and technologies

     For consultants and professionals to present papers that benefits participants

     For researchers, students & practitioners to exhibit their talents through posters

    Please mark your calendar for 3rd April 2016, the flagship day for KINETIC 2016. KINETIC invites you to participate in the Paper Presentation, Poster Presentation & Exhibition.

    For details or any clarification, Please contact as below:

    Jacob G Thomas

    Technical Convener

    Mobile: 6969 9987

    Email: kinetic@kefkuwait.org

    Website : www.kefkuwait.org/kinetic/

    Last Date of Submission : 15th December 2015

    Promoters of KINETIC 2016

    KINETIC 2016 is promoted by Kuwait

    Engineers Forum (KEF), a registered

    association of Engineers working in

    Kuwait. Since its inception in 1989, KEF has

    grown rapidly and is the largest association

    of engineers in Kuwait. The members

    occupy key technical and executive

    positions in a broad spectrum of industries

    in Kuwait including Oil and Gas,

    Petrochemical and Infrastructure

    fields. Many of the members are prominent

    entrepreneurs in manufacturing and

    services sectors in Kuwait and the region.

    KEF members make immense contribution

    for the growth & development of economy

    of the State of Kuwait

    About KINETIC 2016

    KINETIC 2016 is a platform that brings

    together leading Consultants, Industry

    Experts, Manufacturers & Service

    Providers, to showcase their capabilities in

    the field of Energy, Infrastructure and

    Environmental sectors in Kuwait.

    Conference: The conference

    2016 will include eminent

    speakers from Oil & Gas sector, Power,

    Infrastructure, Governmental Bodies and

    other Industries. Presentations & special

    sessions on focus areas will be delivered

    by experts, professionals and


    Exhibition: The exhibition will showcase

    Products, Services & Expertise of

    Consultants, Manufacturers and, Service


    Participation in KINETIC 2016

    KINETIC 2016 aims to provide a strategic

    platform to discuss the Engineering and

    Management challenges in the Energy,

    Infrastructure & Environment Sector, which

    shall open gateways for new market

    ventures & opportunities.

    KINETIC 2016 envisages to promote

    Sustainable Deve