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Find out How Radio Optimizer works


  • 1.
  • 2.
    • ONE STEP Shopping for all US & Canadian Radio
  • 3. First the format Then the region Lastly the station
  • 4. Who we are
    • We are a company with 10 years experience as media center in the United States
    • Recognizing the necessity of a unique window, we specialize in radio buying in the US
    • We offer punctual quality service based on our knowledge of the market, operational software and close relations with the stations
    • The negotiation process with the stations does not only include rates, but also hours of broadcasts, positioning and special products tailored to our clients needs
    • We offer our market research to develop precise strategies for each client
    • We apply the same quality to the Hispanic radio market
    • One single contact for a multitude of options for your radio strategy.
  • 5. Radio in the US
    • The percentage of weekly radio listeners has increased from 11% in 2006 to 12% in 2008.
    • Based on the perfect mix of news, music and cultural programming, the radio stations frequently are amongst the most listened to in the primary US markets.
    • The percentage of consumers listening to the radio has increased in all day parts, gender and age
    • The radio audience increased its weekly reach in 14 of the 15 categories analyzed
  • 6. The Radio Optimizer Method
    • Our Radio Optimizer methodology provides us with information for each of the segments clearly identified by the format listened to based on the profile described in the market segmentation
    • Therefore we cross reference the consumer information with the region where these consumers are located, to determine the station that best suits the brand and objective of the promotion
    • Radio Optimizer combines psychodemographics, geographic population data and station ratings information
  • 7. Our Strategy
    • Radio Optimizers strategy is based on researching the most successful formats, and once detected, we determine the region of the largest audience in each format, followed by the stations with the most market share within these formats
    • We do not sell radio stations, we integrate successful communications packages which are correctly formatted and positioned for your specific target audience
  • 8. Influence / Presence
    • Radio Optimizer executes strategies in the US Anglo and US Hispanic markets, Canada and Mexico
  • 9. Products
    • Cross Promotions
    • Prime time information, traffic reports, news briefs and other impactful programming
    • We recommend special reports, mentions and complete special programs
    • Spots of 10, 30 y 60 seconds
  • 10. The market
    • Radio continues to be a vibrant, relevant and influential part of the American life. The Public Radio stations with its programming are facing the challenge of a very competitive communications industry and are taking advantage of the technological innovations, including pod casting, Internet and HD Radio.
    • In the US the 8 most popular formats for its audience are :
      • News/Talk
      • News/Classical
      • Classical Music
      • News Music
      • Jazz
      • AAA (Adult Album Alternative)
      • News Jazz
      • Variety Music
  • 11. The Strategies
    • When Radio Optimizer proposes a strategy, we analyze the following indicators :
      • AQH Average Quarter Hour Share
      • Weekly Reach
        • Based on total audience
      • Audience segmentation by age
      • TSL or Time Spent Listening by
        • Demogrphics
        • Education
        • Income
        • Gender
        • Ratings throughout the day
        • Geographic region
        • Location (at home or outside)
  • 12. Segmentation
    • The information of our consumers is being integrated into our strategies and the following aspects are taken into consideration:
      • Marital status
      • Properties
      • Employment
      • Preference of cars
      • Credit cards
      • Home consumer products
      • Interest level of online purchases
      • Sport and recreative hobbies
  • 13. Market Research
    • Our strategies are based on market research data obtained from :
      • Radio Research Consortium ( )
      • American Public Media ( )
      • National Public Radio ( )
      • Public Radio International ( )
  • 14. The 8 Formats Its behavior in 2009
  • 15. News/Talk
    • Proven to be of major interest to the audience in 2008 and due to the coverage of the presidential elections its market participation increased from 44% to 46% between 2006 and 2009.
    • This increase combined with its 16 million listeners duplicated the impact of this format over his closest competitors.
    • While this format attracts more than 52% of listeners in the morning, each other day part also registered an important increase, especially at night with a growth rate of 12.4%, mid day 12% and afternoon 11.8%.
    • The regions that registered the largest increase in radio were the South Atlantic, South Central, East North Central and West North Central and the mountain territories.
    • 60% of consumers age 35 - 44 listened to this radio format.
  • 16. Classical Music
    • Showed an increase of 6% in 2009 versus the previous year. It was the only full time musical format that increased its audience
    • The 100 classical music stations have a captive audience of 5 million persons each week, with a constant increase of more than 600,000 persons each year since 2006
  • 17. News Music
    • With an increase from 6.0 to 6.2%, this format experienced an important growth in the South Atlantic region, where it duplicated its audience escalating its rank from number 7 to number 4
    • This format has the most permanence of all formats in the age groups of 12 - 24
    • Is equal to the News Classical Format in the number one TSL for adults 18 - 34 .
  • 18. News Classical
    • This format increased in permanent audience by approximately 6 hours per week
    • This represents the largest increase in any radio format, including surpassing News/Talk
    • Although it experienced a decline in its total ratings, this format increased its audience in the Northeast region betw