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It's not a very good presentation but my teacher enjoyed it, it's very basic. (includes animations)


  • 1.Black an d White

2. Racism What is Racism? Racism in Sports Political Correctness Conclusion Racism Test 3. What is Racism?

  • Racism is when someone thinks different skin colour or religious beliefs make some people better than others.
  • Racists bully people who are different to them. They do this by name-calling or violence.

4. Racism in Sports Football Formula 1 5. Football

  • There have been many cases in football. Mainly with players but also managers. When Frank Rijkaard of Barcelona started managering the club the Spanish began giving racial comments. It has now stopped.

6. Formula 1

  • In Barcelona the Spanish painted themselves black and wore black wigs. They chanted songs. They had t-shirts on discriminating Lewis Hamilton. Only because of his colour and that Fernando Alonso doesnt like him.

7. Political Correctness

  • The English Government have changed the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep to Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep because he thought people were being offended.

8. When you meet a newperson, do you notice the colour of their skin? HOW RACIST ARE YOU? Have you ever decided not to hang out withsomeone just becauseof their colour? If someone was racist towards you would you be racist back? VERY RACIST Do you make fun of the way people sound or look meaning it to hurt someone? Do you have manyfriends of different nationalities? AVERAGE Do you ever laughat rasist jokes? A SAINT RACIST YES NO YES NO NO YES YES NO YES NO YES NO 9. Conclusion

  • Racism is wrong but people tend to take it out of proportion. Just be careful of what you say and dont take remarks the wrong way.