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<p> 1. THE FIRST VACCINE AGAIST RABIES BY SANDRA AND NEREA OF 6B 2. INDEX: A description of the first vaccine agaist rabies. Where , when and who invented . Advantages and dIsadvantages . How things where done before. What changes has it produced in the way of live. Something curious 3. Description: Rabie is a disease transmited to humans by animals . The infection to humans ocurs though the bite because the virus is present in the saliva 4. WHERE, WHEN AND WHO INVENTED The six of July, of 1885 the first vaccine invented by Monsieur Pasteur, in France. 5. ADVANTGES AND DISADVANTGES. The disadvanges are: produce side efects such as fever and makes younger dogs are helpless to infection. Advantages are that they can cure the animal 6. WHAT HAPPEND BEFORE THE INVENTION Before the invention the person or the animal die. They die very swlowy and the efects found at the year. 7. WHAT CHANGE HAS IT PRODUCED IN THE WAY OF LIFE The only change was that cure the animal or the person. 8. SOME ANECDOTE SOMETHING ESPECIAL,CURIOUS,FUNNY. Something curious is that the first rabies vaccine was tested by a boy of 9 years. 9. THE END 10. THE END </p>